Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

So classes are almost over for this semester and I’m going to have more time again to read and write. In fact, I’ve already dabbled a little bit on a couple of other stories.

Today’s picture is from actual game play but I found it at I’m thinking this site is outside the U.S. since I can’t read most of the writing.

Hope you enjoy!

Justice and Karl

Hawke considered himself a pretty powerful mage, but compared to Anders and what just happened, he paled in comparison. Whatever Anders had become, he was almost an infinite pool of mana that attacked the Templars ruthlessly and repeatedly. Man after man fell before them, too easily, until only one remained. As fatigue and injuries started to weigh him down, he glanced over and saw Anders still standing, still casting, and still glowing.

Only Karl remained stationary, that is until Anders, and whatever was in Anders, released a final blast of … something. Hawke wasn’t entirely sure what he did, but he felt it to his core. Anders would have continued his barrage, but Karl’s voice seemed to snap him back to reality.

Karl moved, looked around and shook his head, almost as though he had woken up from a long sleep. “I – Anders, what did you do?” Anders spun around and faced the man. The look on his face was something Hawke would remember for the rest of his life. Karl continued, his eyes emitting confusion and shock at what just transpired. “It’s like … you brought a piece of the Fade into this world. I had already forgotten what that feels like.”

“This … this bastard … ratted you out … to the Templars!” Carver stated in between heavy breaths.

The Warden was too elated to let the young warrior’s words bother him. “He wasn’t himself. Being made Tranquil takes away everything human inside you. He wasn’t capable of caring for me anymore. He could only follow the rules.” Again the warm smile and look on Anders’ face said more than what he explained and his eyes poured over the man’s features like a waterfall.

“I thought the Tranquil were cut off from the Fade forever.” Hawke stated as he turned to Carver. “This is what we were protecting Bethany from.”

“When you’re Tranquil, you never think on your life before.” Karl explained as he looked at Hawke. He then turned back to Anders and put a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “But … it’s like the Fade itself is inside Anders. Burning like a sun.”

Hawke turned to Anders. “What did you do? Not the Fade part – the angry glowing bit.”

“It’s like a gateway to the Fade inside you.” Karl said to Anders. “Glowing like a beacon.

Anders frowned and a bit of the warmth and happiness in his eyes faded as he looked from Karl to Hawke and back. “I have … some unique circumstances, yes. But, Karl, what happened? How did they get you?”

“The Templars here are more vigilant than in Ferelden. They found a letter I was writing you … You cannot imagine it, Anders. All the color, all the music in the world, gone. I would gladly give up my magic, but this? I’ll never be whole again.” Karl’s demeanor changed from appreciation to fear and he released Anders, although the Warden tried to take hold of his friend’s hand. “Please, kill me before I forget again! I don’t know how you brought it back, but it’s fading.” Panic filled the gray eyes of the mage before them as he pleaded with Anders.

“Oh the poor man.” Merrill stated sadly.

Anders looked broken again and he shook his head. “Karl, no – you … you can’t ask me this …”

“Anders, I know there’s no cure for this.” Hawke started as he put a consoling hand on Anders’ arm.

“No. It’s like wanting to cure a beheading. The dreams of Tranquil mages are severed – there is nothing left of them to fix.”

“I would rather die a mage than live as a Templar puppet.” Karl said sadly. “Please Anders, if I revert I may … try to betray you again. I don’t think I could…”

Carver turned to Anders. “My sister called being made Tranquil a fate worse than death. Give him peace.”

Even Merrill agreed. “I would rather die than be Tranquil. Help him.”

Anders looked down, a defeated man, and his voice cracked when he spoke. “I got here too late. I’m sorry, Karl. I’m so sorry.”

Karl started to panic and moved back away from Anders. “Now! It’s fading …” Then he was quiet, silent. Tranquil. “Why do you look at me like that?”

Anders was on the verge of tears as he saw Karl die before him yet again. He gently touched the man’s cheek and then looked him in the eye as he drew his dagger.


Karl gasped as the blade plunged deep into him. Anders turned as his friend fell to the ground. “We should leave before more Templars come.” He said as he walked away.


Short Stories: Savior – Main

I went through and did a bit of maintenance on this series. No, I didn’t redo the story, I just did some cosmetic work.

I added some links in case anyone happens to want to read the entire story straight out. I noticed that although WordPress does have links for the next story, it does it according to what you write and I was busy writing out about three stories. That makes for a bit of confusion.

I’m also going to put a ‘chapter’ list here, just in case anyone loses their place or wants to start at a certain area.

Today’s picture is called “Angel and Demon” by ryky and can be found at

I will be writing chronicles for Zhovaer, Karen and even Konnor. Still not sure about how I’m publishing them though.

I hope you enjoyed this series. I’m going to continue on with Sanity and my Dragon Age stories as well as working on about three other story lines.

I’m also putting up links to writers that I’m following – I think you’ll find them interesting, informative and entertaining. This is by no means everyone I follow and I’ll be putting up more with other stuff I post.

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Short Stories: Savior

Yes, dear readers. It is sad that this short story now ends. But as the song says, it may not be the last you will read of these characters. I have notes for chronicles – just not sure if I will post them here or actually be brave enough to publish them.

I thought today’s picture was appropriate considering how I pictured my characters. This is called “My Guardian Angel” by Camino-Studios and can be found on deviantart at

I also thought I’d give you a final listing of the people who inspired this story:

God (Evanescence) – partial inspiration Alanis Morrissette
Metatron (Breaking Benjamin)
Archangels Michael (Kevin Durand), Gabriel (Tilda Swinton), Raphael (Paul Bettany), Cassiel (Shinedown) and Uriel (10 Years)

Jesus (Hozier)
Zhovaer (Five Finger Death Punch)
Konnor (Avenged Sevenfold)
Karen (Rachel Platten) – later inspiration

Lucifer (Panic! At The Disco) – later inspiration
Various angels and imps (DJ Earworm)

This isn’t to say that this is how I think of these people or bands. The story came to me as I was listening to their music.


Gabriel put his arms around Konnor when everything was said and done. He had been on his knees but stood with the Arch Angel’s help and was now crying as he looked down at the area where his twin once lay.

“Why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

The range of emotions that flew across his face and surrounded him were so intense that he wasn’t able to answer his creator right away, but Gabriel patiently waited until the misled Guardian calmed. Taking a shaky breath, he finally answered. “I failed! I … I thought I knew what she asked of me when Lucifer took her, but I couldn’t help.”

“And who exactly did you fail?”

“Zhovaer, Karen, you! I failed God. I tried to keep The Beloved from going, but he left. I couldn’t stop him.”

The Arch Angel squeezed Konnor’s shoulders. “Oh, my lovely. You didn’t fail. It wasn’t your job to keep him from going.”

Konnor blinked and looked over at him, confused but perhaps hopeful.

“You were originally made to keep Terrans from forgetting who they are, why they were created and mostly importantly, to guard them from the traps Lucifer created when he fell. You were meant to be a beacon for when the time came.”

“But … Karen ….”

“She was created to be the beacon for those who saved the souls the Guardians weren’t able to rescue. I honestly think you two were my greatest creations.”

“She’s gone.”

“Oh ye of little faith.”

Gabriel let his arms fall from Konnor’s shoulders as the once-Lowly spun around to face the sound of the voice. They both gazed upon Michael as he strode up next to them and amazingly smiled. “Your kind never had much.” The Arch Angel said mainly to Konnor but he addressed both.

“He has more than most, and more than Terrans.” Gabriel retaliated before turning back to Konnor. “I am sorry that you both got too close to Terrans that you became more like them and less like us. But I never question God’s plans for us – she’s always known better than any the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of it.”

Michael nodded. “She isn’t lost, not by any means. I got here as fast as I could to let you know what will happen.” He then put his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder. “And I think maybe I should be the one to do this my friend.”

Gabriel smirked, but then bowed and moved away from them.

“Karen made a great sacrifice – she gave up her ‘life’ for you, Zhovaer but especially for Metatron and she did it without thought of any but to help the three of you. Therefore she is saved but she needs to be cleansed. The only way this can be done is …”

“…for her to be born a Terran. So … she’s gone from me. I won’t … ever see her again.”

“Yes and no. You are to be a Guardian again.”

“I … me? A Guardian again?” Konnor felt a wave of happiness engulf him.”

“More specifically, you are to be her Guardian.

You’ll be there to see her born.

You’ll be there to comfort her when she has a bad dream and her parents don’t hear her crying.

For the joys and sorrows that come during the awkward Terran ‘teen-age’ years – you’ll be the one hope she will hear or feel when she thinks she’s alone.

When she’s in the university library looking for books and she thanks you for keeping that rather large one from falling on her head.”

“I will protect her.”

“Meanwhile, we’ll be up here, trying to fix things. We’ll call you back up once things are relatively settled.”

“How long will that be?”

“It may be for the rest of her life.”


Previous Chapter                        ©2015 Dazrahe / Deborah McCarthy

Short Stories: Savior

I hope this posting of this story is enjoyable. One thing I’ve found while going through this and my other stories is that they seem to change, perhaps evolve, as the weeks go by. What I started out with is not how I’m ending this.

This is also not my last posting on this story. I have one more, which I hope turns out well.

Photo for today is from It actually isn’t what I pictured for today, but it was what I had in mind when I first started this small chapter.

You’ll notice, as predictable, that I don’t go into much detail regarding the fighting. I know I’ve defined it differently, but for those who might be able to feel it, I encourage you to listen to the following songs either before, during, or after you’ve read this. See what you think.

Evil Angel (Breaking Benjamin)
Do What You Want (DJ Earworm) – Especially this one
Breathe Into Me (Red)
Until The End (Breaking Benjamin)
Fix Me (10 years)
Call Me (Shinedown)
Whisper (Evanescence)

I got the idea for this story from these songs along with a couple of others.


“Wow! That … that was … quite the story, Cassiel.”

Konnor froze completely as the others turned to face the source of the voice. There, on a small boulder, sat Lucifer, clapping slowly and sarcastically, shaking his head and chuckling. He seemed to bounce up off the boulder and walked slowly over towards Metatron, still clapping while he watched the others.

“Ha, ha! I … I especially liked the part about the rumor … you know, the ‘here say’ about why God turned her back on me.” Although he stopped clapping, and emphasized the word with his fingers, he kept smiling as he stopped next to The Beloved. His eyes, however, looked dark and sinister.

In the time it took the fallen angel to move to his destination, Michael, Raphael and Cassiel repositioned themselves with Cassiel standing in front of Konnor and Karen. Michael and Raphael stood near shoulder-to-shoulder to the left of the small group.

Metatron looked over at Lucifer. “I thought you left with your prize.”

“Well, that’s the funny part. I seem to have…”

“…lost something?” Raphael finished, though his was more a question than a response to The Beloved. Lucifer turned his eyes towards the Arch Angel and smiled.

“Something you would know about?”

“No, but there is something that you should … hear.”

The Beloved looked around and then moved back to back with Lucifer as he tried not to gaze into the faces of those now surrounding him and the fallen one.

They all seemed to make a circle around the smaller group: Angels and High Angels, Guardians and Saviors, Half-Breed and Forgotten. Then as quickly as this group appeared, others arrived just as quickly: Imps, Demons and Lowly. Lucifer’s Generals were also there, but a little further away from the group. The rest of The Four rode up and stood quietly next to Samael away from everyone. Their attention, however, seemed to be on something else.

If you’ve never had the chance to see this race argue amongst themselves it is actually quiet breath-taking. Their idea of war is not what our idea of war is. In fact, a tiff, scuffle or fight for them is more beautiful to behold than anything Terrans have ever come up with. It’s not known how or why Terrans’ actions fell so far away from those of what they call the ‘Heavenly Host’ and ‘Hellions’ – perhaps it has something to do with the way Lucifer plans to take over.

But as beautiful as it is, it is also heart-wrenching.

This race is emotion-based. When God is at peace and her love flows over all, Terrans can feel it and they prosper. But during the times when God is distraught, when Lucifer has pushed her far enough that she has to intervene or when her ‘side’ of the race has to come forward – this is when there is turmoil amongst the mortals.

This is when the belief of Armageddon is strongest within the hearts of Man.

The music of the cacophony rose to a crescendo between the two factions of the race as each tried to convince Metatron to stay with Lucifer or go back to God.

“It looks like they’re serious this time Metatron.” Lucifer didn’t actually say that name, but The Beloved’s actual name. Those who couldn’t speak those words, the Lowly and Forgotten merely heard Metatron in their minds.

Michael and Raphael approached, side by side, their eyes staring straight only at Metatron. Meanwhile, Zhovaer walked over to Konnor and put a hand on his shoulder. When he turned to the Savior, Zhovaer put a finger to his lips and motioned for him to pay attention to what would happen.

Lucifer waved a hand and those who stood with him became still, hushed. He knew what was coming, he knew who was walking behind the two highest only under The Beloved.

When they stopped, and took a step aside, he blinked. It was a little surprising to see Uriel standing before God.

Konnor instantly lowered his gaze and fell to a knee; next to him Zhovaer crossed his arms over his chest and bowed his head and upper body.

Arch Angels lowered their eyes.

High angels bowed their heads.

Angels knelt either on one or two bended knees depending on their status.

Only The Beloved could stand in the presence of God and look God full in the face.

Behind Lucifer, who stood with lowered eyes, those who followed him positioned themselves in their respective stances according to their opposites’ stances: his Generals stood with bowed heads. Demons and Imps on bended knee with either bowed heads, or kneeling on one or two knees. Some even went so far as to supplicate themselves even lower.

Despite their differing views, all bowed before God.

Uriel began to speak. It was strange. He was an Arch Angel but had now become a messenger chosen to speak for God this time.

His voice rang out, clear, beautiful, as he related to The Beloved God’s feelings, God’s words, and meaning.

All were silent.

The Beloved just stood and stared.

Not even Lucifer could move.

The words were heart-wrenching and spoke of a love that no Terran had ever heard or felt before. They rang with truth and there weren’t any eyes that didn’t become affected by the strength of the emotions.

When he finished, Metatron sang his response. Again, the words, the feelings were intense. Heart-breaking wouldn’t come close to what could be felt.

Uriel started a reply, but now Cassiel joined him, as did The Son. All around them rose a soft chorus of feelings from everyone. Well everyone save Lucifer.

When their song ended, Lucifer turned to Metatron and spoke quietly to him. It would have continued except that now God moved forward and put her hands on Uriel’s shoulders. She leaned forward and appeared to whisper to the messenger. Whatever words came from her, he shot them forward towards their target.

Metatron wailed out in pity and misery, his heart torn. He had one hand over his chest, the other outstretched as though begging for explanation or for it all to end. His eyes were on only God, and hers on his. Their battle was coming to a head.

God reached out a hand towards The Beloved as her angels continued to be her voice. Her eyes were as bright as his were pained. And just as their fingers touched…

An intense bright light exploded.

When it faded, only Konnor and Gabriel remained.


Previous Chapter           ©2015 Dazrahe / Deborah McCarthy                       Next Chapter

Other Stories: Sanity

As promised, here is what I meant to post last week – severely tweaked but hopefully still enjoyable.

The picture for this week’s episode is from from their article Fear of Terrorism is Making Us Crazy

Sometimes it’s good to be of celebrity status. Sometimes having a little bit of money lets you get away with doing things normal people can’t get away with. And then money can sometimes help you try to come to terms with certain things.

Marcus’ mind wandered amongst lots of things as he strolled the halls which he was allowed. His goal tonight was to figure out how best to not do the things that got him in here in the first place. True enough he was mostly self-committed, but that didn’t mean he had been in any less trouble.

It was either here or jail and he didn’t feel like going to jail. What he felt like right now was seeing Val. Yeah, he wasn’t supposed to.

He stood at the intersection of the halls that lead back to where he was allowed to walk and the hallway that led to her room on the other side of the building. Once again he turned right and walked away. Once again he cussed himself out.

Three weeks. He hadn’t seen her for three weeks. He had, however, met Jan. That had actually been an accident; being in the wrong place at the worst possible time.

He thought back on that day that he and Clyde were doing their regular rounds in his area of the complex when Vince ran up to them and pulled Clyde aside. Marcus couldn’t hear the conversation but he saw Clyde’s eyes widen for a split second before he looked at the athlete.

“Sorry, Marksman, we gots ta cut dis here short.” Was the only thing Clyde said as he ushered Marcus back to his room. Being in a hurry, he didn’t notice that he didn’t exactly close the door, so as soon as he was twenty paces away, Marcus exited his room and followed them…

…all the way up to the second floor stairs. The well maintained door wasn’t slow closing, but the men were making so much noise running upstairs that they didn’t hear Marcus running to and entering the stairwell behind them. He followed them at a respectable distance and then stayed at the door, holding it open enough to make sure he could hear or see what was going on.

There was a bit of a commotion coming from the second floor: loud voices almost screaming. He could hear Clyde and Vince, and the voices of others he didn’t recognize. Lastly, he heard a woman yelling, cursing, crying and screaming.

Marcus opened the door wider and peeked out to see what was going on. He saw a figure on the ground being restrained to the best of the orderlies’ abilities – even Clyde and Vince. Two other people, possibly nurses, were standing with syringes ready to sedate the person once the orderlies were able to keep her as still as safety permitted – they didn’t want to break needles or stick the wrong person.

Everything seemed to be getting better – or rather the restrained person was starting to wear down. And then the person looked up and saw him looking at the commotion. That started everything again.

Everything after that happened so fast, looking back Marcus found it hard to remember exactly how they pulled her hands off his throat. But he would always remember the gouges she left him across his face when her nails slammed against his cheek.

That was the day he was told you didn’t stare at or talk to Jan and you absolutely didn’t mention Val.

He grumbled. Everything he thought about was focusing on her. Frustrating. He was getting better at everything but that. He was purging himself – getting and staying clean and sober. He hadn’t wanted to drink or snort or shoot up or anything. He was only getting mad at himself; and since he wasn’t prone to violence off the field he was getting good marks on that too.

Oh damn it all to fucking hell that next thought better not creep up on him.

He started walking faster, his arms swinging forward and back as he moved. Think, think, think! Anything just not …

His mom and sister had been by to see him. Better. He managed to convince his sister not to postpone her wedding. He could get out in time if he towed the line and he was trying his hardest to. No fights, no rule breaking, no nothing bad.

No Val.

Damn it!

He clenched his fists and started punching the air in front of him. Wide swings, small jabs, upper cuts. Maybe he could beat himself up. But he was already doing that.


He turned right again. He lost track of how many times he had come upon the intersection and how many times he forced himself to turn right.

Maybe it would be better if he had company with him. Clyde’s constant rambling helped him not to think. Maybe he could go looking for one of the orderlies – it was Clyde’s day off but maybe he could talk one of the others to sub. Only thing is it would be on the other side of the building, which is where he was trying to avoid.

“You act like you’re in fucking love you damned bastard.”


No, it’s just infatuation. He didn’t know her, hadn’t interacted with her. She was something he couldn’t have so he wanted it. What did Doc tell him? Think of something else he wanted that wasn’t easily reachable, that was a challenge and let that replace her. That’s what he had to do. He could do it too. Right?


He stopped. That’s the second time he heard that voice and it wasn’t his.

When he looked around he saw he was where he wasn’t supposed to be. Shit! Time to go back.

He turned around and stopped.

There was another noise. Soft and breathy.

He smirked. He knew the sound of sex. No one was allowed that kind of relationship here, but someone was having fun.

Curiosity got the better of him so he turned around again and started following the noise. If the halls didn’t have such great acoustics he would have missed it, as quiet as it was.

He moved as quietly as he thought a mouse would, listening to the noise and getting overly aroused. Whoever it was wouldn’t mind him standing outside the door and having a little fun himself.

Except, it was her door.

His brown eyes instantly turned green and he wasn’t hot anymore.

What the fuck? He wasn’t allowed to touch her, to interact with her and someone was fucking her? Oh hell no! Marcus quietly went to the little window and as quietly as he could slid it open. What he saw made his blood freeze.

It wasn’t the fact that Val was lying on the bed. It wasn’t that her hands were grasping her sheets tightly in her fists as she moved and moaned. It wasn’t even the fact that she was about to cum that freaked him out.

Any other time watching two women get it on would have had him climaxing himself big time. He knew that the person between her legs was a woman – maybe that’s why she didn’t like his advances. The woman she was with was slender – at least from this angle she looked slender; feminine hands would occasionally brush her long darkish hair to the side as she worked her mouth.

No, what freaked him out, in the pale moonlight shining through the bigger window on the wall was the sight of a dark puddle near Val’s butt. What freaked him out was who was between her legs. No, not who, what.

Wait, no! That can’t be right.

Wrong or right, whatever it was lifted its head and licked lips that were as dark as the spot on the bed. Then it turned its head and looked over at him. Literally. It looked at him: later he would swear he saw … no, that couldn’t be right either. Could it?

It had … red glowing eyes?


He stepped back, slipped and fell down onto his butt when the … whatever it was … was suddenly at the door. He could hear it snarl just under the soft sound that would have sent his head … and probably his heart … reeling.

He got up as quick as he could and ran and kept running until he got to his room. The panic that wrapped itself around him made it hard to enter the room having forgotten Clyde’s instructions on how to work the lock. As soon as he entered he turned on all the lights, pulled the blankets off the bed and tossed them in one of the corners, then haphazardly pushed the bed up against the front door. Quickly and hurriedly making sure that the closet and bathroom doors were open and dark corners were bathed in light, he sat on the sheets and blankets while he stared wide-eyed at the main door.

He didn’t turn to look at anything else. Even when he thought he heard scratching at the window.

What the fuck?

He stayed where he was and when the morning nurse came in to wake him, once she and one of the orderlies was able to enter the room found him like that: still wide eyed-still looking at the door and rocking back and forth in shock.

Short Stories: Savior

I will be honest with you – I actually didn’t originally have this part of the story written out. It wasn’t even a thought or idea until this week. I actually panicked thinking I needed something that I didn’t have.

And then it came to me. I’ve tweaked it quite a bit from its original form.

The photo I’m using for this is called Chapel of Magi – Florence and is listed as Self-portrait of Benozzo Gozzoli. It can be found at

There is a part two to the speech.



“I’m going to let you in on a little secret.” A soft and low voice stated from behind the two Arch Angels. Metatron blinked in surprise. He hadn’t realized that there were more here. Michael and Raphael moved one step to the left and right (respectively) to allow Cassiel to be seen. He smiled, bowed and then walked past Michael, Raphael, Konnor and Karen and made a bee-line for Metatron.

“What secret could you possibly hold that I don’t know?” The Beloved asked.

Cassiel continued as though uninterrupted. “When God came here, here being our little part of existence, she was trying to fulfil something. And I’m using ‘she’ as a pronoun for God because the ‘he’ pronoun has been used way too many times – as has been said before, God is neither male nor female, God just is. God is a perfect balance. It’s something that Terrans will never understand and they have been trying to for millennia upon millennia.”

“I’ve heard the tale of The Beginning….”

Cassiel raised a hand to stop Metatron’s words. “We are by far neither the oldest nor youngest area of life; but whether we are allowed to find these other areas will depend on a number of things, most of which have not been divulged to me, to anyone here, or anyone currently existing that I’m aware of.”

Behind him Raphael motioned for Michael to stay put while he walked over to Konnor, keeping his eyes on the motionless Samael as he did.

“But I digress. God came here, needing to fulfil something. And God created everything that you see before you and behind you, above you and below you – up to a point. Because that’s all God needed at the time. It wasn’t instantaneous and it hasn’t ceased.” As he spoke, Cassiel motioned in the different directions with his arms, all the while keeping his eyes on The Beloved, who quietly followed his motions.

“God then realized that she needed help. She created Lucifer and then you. And she loved you both because you were her creations and she thought – she despaired that she wouldn’t be able to create anything that would bring company to her – only areas. And there was still balance, within God and within the areas that she made. But she wasn’t finished – she just didn’t know what else she needed to do, not just yet.”

“I remember that day, I remember when I first opened my eyes and saw God …” The look on the Beloved’s face was awesome to behold.

“But Lucifer thought she was finished when she made him and couldn’t fathom why she had to create you. You see, although God is perfect, when you give a part of yourself to create something entirely different, it’s only a part of yourself, it’s never a whole. So God’s creations were not entirely perfect, but they were wonderful in God’s eyes and she thought them to be perfect.

“So she gave both of you gifts to show you how much she loved you and how perfect she thought you were. To Lucifer she gave great beauty, to you, Metatron, she gave great love. But her gifts weren’t perfect – no I take that back. Her gifts were perfect, but when her creations – being you and Lucifer – accepted, took them and made them your own, they lost their perfection because God’s creations could only make them as perfect as they were, and they were not perfect. Are you with me so far?” He smiled softly at Metatron, then turned his attention around to the others in the area, even Samael who was still astride his steed and still a ways off from the others.

“She created Lucifer first. I thought …”

Cassiel shook his head. “God was perfectly content, at that time. But she saw that her creations weren’t; she had come to the next step of her fulfilment – her creations needed that as well. So she gave them the ability to create as well. Lucifer did nothing for a while – contemplating perhaps? You’d have to ask Lucifer. But you, Metatron, when God gave you the ability to create – well, you couldn’t be stopped. Together, you and God created us: the Arch Angels and High Angels.” Again, he motioned around, to himself, Raphael and to Michael. “So yes, in a sense Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and I are children of you and God – if you want to go by Terran definitions. Angels, we don’t have that definition, we just are.”

“And we thought you to be perfect. I … I remember that feeling, I remember that moment. It was … perfect.”

“Thank you, but no, we weren’t, not really, even though you are – or rather God is. We had and have only a part of God and part of you, so absolute perfection has eluded us. But we were and still are content. God loves all her creations and she hoped that you would come to know that love too as she had gifted you with that. Were you?”

“For a while I think I was. We went on creating.”

“Yes, because it brought you both such joy. And after a time even Lucifer created … to a point. Up until just before he fell he had a hand in creation. Not all of his creations were bad or evil.”

“No, he was beauty. He still is.” Metatron turned and looked over his shoulder past Samael – in the direction he thought Lucifer had gone to. “Some of his creations still bring wonder.”

The Archangel nodded. “Lucifer was banished from … ‘Heaven’ for lack of a more understandable term. But he took with him something that was so precious that it affected God to this day. He took with him part of your love – and with that love was trust in how God felt about her creations. And unfortunately, it’s that portion of your love that attracts all love – what the Terrans now call temptation. Because their own love, their part of love, the miniscule portion that they have handed down to them after millennia, that is still attracted to the original source, and part of that source resides with Lucifer, though a greater portion of it still lives strong within you, Metatron.”

The Beloved turned back to Cassiel, such sadness in his eyes. He opened his mouth as though to respond, but no words issued forth, not even the song that nearly all of God’s creations sing.

“It’s this part that Lucifer uses from time to time to lure you from God’s side in the hopes of being able to lure more to him so that when he feels the time is right, he will be able to take over – to banish God the way she banished him for what he did to her.”

“What did he do to her?”

Cassiel shook his head and lowered his eyes. “I never saw and I’ve never been told. I don’t think anyone has. There’s only here say. But God stopped talking aloud after that moment. God’s voice is creation and destruction, but after the first time you left her side, her ability to create diminished slightly.”

“I … no …”

“Please don’t misunderstand that – she still has that power above all else – and the Angels and all beings created by her and with them have that power – but she doesn’t speak because now her voice has more destruction than creation. Until that balance is restored. And there are those whose job it is to try to restore that – among other things.” Cassiel now motioned towards Karen and Konnor.

When Metatron looked over at them, he saw tears flowing down from beneath the sunglasses still on Konnor’s face. They dripped down, some of them succeeding on landing softly on her body.

“Hidden within them, while they go about doing their jobs, forgotten within them is that ability to find what was taken and return it to God.”

“How … why do you say this? How do you know this?” He kept his eyes on the twins but his heart ached now, the first time in a long time it had.

“We were all given gifts from God, although not as great as the gifts you received. The gift of observing and remembering is mine. The gift of healing is Raphael’s. It’s how he and I helped Gabriel create the Forgotten.”


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Short Stories: Savior

It’s been a pretty fun journey, but it’s almost at an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I hope I don’t flub up how I’m picturing this.

Today’s picture is from and is called Horseman – Death. It’s amazing how many awesome pictures there are when you Google ‘Angel of Death’, but this one I thought was accurate enough – again I really thought of something else but yeah still haven’t perfected my drawing ability or lack thereof.


Konnor didn’t flinch or move when he felt the firm hand on his shoulder. His eyes were still closed as he held her body to him. She was neither warm nor cold, but he took comfort in feeling her – more so than The Beloved’s attempt at consoling.

“She’s gone.” The voice said emotionlessly. “He’ll be here for her soon.”

He chuckled for a second, then opened and turned red-rimmed eyes to The Beloved. Metatron released his hold on Konnor’s shoulder and watched the being put sunglasses back over his eyes, while still holding on to what was once a member of The Forgotten. He continued watching and feeling all that surrounded them.

“You’re wrong.”

“Am I? Samael will be here shortly for her.”

“You dare call him by that name?”

“I have no fear of that Horseman. Not as you and the others do.”

“I have … some fear, because of what I am. But he’s not the only one.”

Metatron nodded. “I realize it’s also Michael’s calling, but she is here, and her … death is not the Archangel’s claim.” He kept looking around. “Be comforted in the fact that … at least you know what I have always wanted to feel.”

“Always wanted to feel? What are you talking about?”

The Beloved quickly turned his gaze back at Konnor who was gently laying Karen on the ground. “You were privy to our conversation; you were here.”

Konnor remained half-sitting, half-kneeling next to her, his eyes possibly still staring at her body though that was hard to confirm through the sunglasses. “I heard what you told her. I just don’t think you heard it.”

“How could I not have heard? I said it.”

Konnor chuckled again although this time it was half-hearted. “You know, she once told me that … what were her words … some people don’t hear themselves talk. I’m sure she got that from Terrans.” He added before Metatron could question.

“Terrans. They know love.”

“No, they don’t. Not really, not the way it’s meant to be known.”

“Don’t they? What do you call what you did and are doing?”

“It’s called grieving. Terrans do it when someone they care about dies. Angels don’t know how to grieve because there is no real death for them, but they understand sadness. If there’s one thing that God made sure of is that all her creations have emotions.”

Metatron gave an exasperated grunt, turned and started walking away from Konnor.

“Wait!” Konnor implored.

“You too? Wait for what?”

“Don’t go. You who are desperate for … love. You don’t have to go.”

Metatron turned towards the once Lowly. “Why not?” Konnor bowed his head when The Beloved gazed upon him, not able to meet his eyes. “You don’t even know what love is.”

“You think I don’t? What about what Karen …”

“You aren’t Karen. You may be her twin, but you are not her. She knew love, even after you brought her to Lucifer.”

Konnor closed his eyes for a moment, ashamed. “I know I betrayed her, but in it she showed me. I know how Gabriel loved her, and how he loves me. I know why we all show love the way we do and why we can’t show it the way Terrans do. And she did show me her love; she sacrificed herself for me, for Zhovaer, for Gabriel. She did it for you.”

The Beloved laughed angrily. “For me.” For a moment it looked like he was struggling with thoughts or ideas that he couldn’t quite grasp. When he spoke again it sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “Why? Why can’t I have that kind of love? Why must I be denied something that the mortal Terrans fail to realize is so dear, so precious? You had it, and you destroyed it.”

“For immortals it is different, it would destroy an immortal to love that way because it’s conditional. What they have isn’t pure because they aren’t. What we have been given, it’s only a fraction of what you have and will always have. You cannot and should not fathom what it feels to have restrictions on such an emotion.”


“Maybe restriction isn’t the right word, but they have standards and levels on love. It’s why Terrans wage war and experience hate. It’s what makes it easy for Lucifer to lure them here.”

“They do forsake each other.”

“And God. This isn’t the type of love you want. These aren’t the feelings you … these are what God tries to keep from you. Do you know what it’s like to lose your child, to lose your creation?”

“Oh I know. Or had you forgotten The Son?”

“You know he is different. The only one of us who is half yet whole. And you did not lose him; must I recite the tale of the resurrection.” That hit a bit home, for the better, and Konnor knew it.

“And still you think I need to go through that again.”

“You’ve never been through it! The Son is still here with you and God. God never left you. God is still there, and God still loves you.”

“But not in love.”

“You know that’s not important.”

“Enough! Leave! Samael approaches.”

“No!” Konnor moved as though to shield the faded body of his twin. “He will not have her.”

“You have no say in this; you are no longer a Guardian and Lowly cannot …”

“They may not be able to, but …”

The highest of the angels turned to face Michael and Raphael as behind him Samael rode into view.


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Short Stories: Savior

Giving credit where credit is due, today’s pic is entitled Dying Love from Jackie at

Don’t worry.


It was dead silence when Lucifer walked into view. Metatron walked over to and stood next to him, turned his head and softly said something to him that none could hear. Lucifer’s eyes burned with demonic fire but remained soft.

Contrary to belief, Lucifer is beautiful. God had gifted him with every beauty known; his fall didn’t diminish him as one would think. Karen knew the Terran stories were the way they were only to distinguish between their definitions of good and evil.

The dark prince smiled, then turned his attention to Konnor.

Karen shakily got to her feet as she watched Lucifer walk towards the Lowly and she made up her mind. He was about ten paces from her twin when she openly stated: “Wait! I come to you freely, a willing soul in place of one you already own.”

He didn’t stop walking, but slowed and turned towards her.

The Forgotten raised her trembling chin and stood as still as she could as she heard the protests behind her. She gave them no heed, merely watched the devil approach her.

With a nod from their dark lord, Asmodeus and Mammon released Konnor, then moved away. He ran up to, grabbed her and turned her to face him. “Are you crazy? What are you hoping…?”

She smiled softly and placed a finger to his lips but said nothing. His eyes emitted the fear they had been since he first opened them after they arrived but now concern and anger mixed within. He wouldn’t let her do this.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have a choice. Konnor was knocked to his knees and watched silently as Karen was pulled out of his grasp, letting Lucifer sweep her up in his arms. It felt both right and wrong but he merely stood up silently under the gaze of the one he surrendered to as master.

They moved away from him, out of arm’s reach and though their words to each other were hushed, he could hear them.

“You give yourself to me.”

“For him, I do.”

“Of your own free will?”


“You are lost.” The dark lord hissed.

“I am not afraid.” She responded.

Occasionally Konnor’s eyes were drawn across from his position to where The Beloved stood, noticing how dark Metatron’s eyes were as he quietly watched them.

The movements were perfect as demon lord pulled her in close to him, almost like a dance before them. Although he couldn’t see them, Konnor could feel other Lowly approach. He knew what was happening. He knew but couldn’t move even with his entire being screaming for him to intercede. Would Karen become Lowly, like him, like the others who refused to show themselves anymore because of the guilt they felt at being lured?

All could be lured to Hell, save God.

But for the Forgotten, to be lured could be a death sentence. He was sure of this. When he surrendered he was a Guardian and he accepted it; it was his choice to leave Heaven, to become Lowly.

And he now remembered why.

But she didn’t leave, she chose to replace him. She did this for him, for the Saviors and The Beloved. It was her way of trying to rescue The Beloved, but she was mainly doing this for him. Because she loved him. Things didn’t change.

The seduction would be complete, but it shouldn’t be. When he looked down, looked away – and he had to pull his eyes away – he saw himself trembling. He had to do something.

Only what could he do? He was sworn to do Lucifer’s bidding. He brought her here – even if she argued it was her choice to believe she brought him. He whispered her name as he heard her breath escape her lips. “Don’t do this.”

She smiled softly.

He shut his eyes, not wanting to look, not wanting to know what she did, but he felt the arms, hands and fingers of the others touch and move him. Opening his eyes he saw her now on the ground with The Fallen One kneeling beside her, hovering, hunched over her, drawing her soul into him and into the depths of his innermost torturous sections of his home.

He looked again at Metatron, his eyes almost pleading when he saw The Beloved looking at him. “Do something!” No voice left him; all were silent as their lord feasted.

“What would you have me do, Lowly. She chose this, as you did before her. Proof that there is no love.” Heaven’s Second turned away from the scene.

He heard the sound first. “Good-bye.”

Then he heard Lucifer. “You are released, once Lowly. Go back to God, if you dare.”

Suddenly he felt her, around him, within him. He could feel her breath, smell her essence and see her eyes. As the others released him he felt his knees give way and he sank to the ground. When he looked back, Lucifer was gone as were all of the other Lowly. Only Metatron remained.

She laid there still, her body almost fragile. He got up as quickly, albeit awkwardly, as he could, ran towards and skidded next to her. He then picked her up in his arms. She was there, but gone.

He cried out her name as he held her tight against him, wishing he could will her back to him.


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Short Stories: Savior

This post almost didn’t come to pass for a few reasons – school being the biggest. The fact that it took me a long time to find a decent picture for this post causing me to think I really need to learn to draw.

Again, I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I settled for a picture of someone by the name of Amano Yukiteru – you may or may not have heard of him, I hadn’t before now, and still don’t know who he is. This picture came from who posted it on his/her blog.

I hope you enjoy this – we’re almost at the series finale.


“You actively looked to find me. Why?” The Beloved looked at but through her.

“To plead a case. To help. To …”

“To help? To help who? To help you? To help him?” Metatron pointed behind her to where Konnor was. Behind her she could hear him stir and sit up. “He’s to be … put to death … in a matter of speaking.” The Beloved’s voice was cold and emotionless as his eyes moved from her to a movement behind her that only he saw.

Karen quickly turned around when she saw him look past her. Her heart sank when she saw two beings approach Konnor and was about to move towards her twin, but Metatron grabbed her arm. Although she pulled, she could not escape his grasp and could only stand and watch helplessly as Konnor fell into the hands of two of Lucifer’s more sadistic generals. His eyes were wide with terror as he looked at her. Whether it was for his well-being or her own she couldn’t determine.

“He will be here soon, then your … twin … will be dealt with. You can go on your way afterwards, if Lucifer deems it so.”

“Why?” She kept staring at Konnor.

“Because this is his realm.”

She turned back to him. “No, why are you doing this? This isn’t you – this isn’t why you were created.”

He let her go, gave an exasperated grunt, turned and started walking away from her. He wasn’t worried that she would go and try to take Konnor away; those two wouldn’t listen to anyone save Lucifer, maybe him and they would definitely listen to The Four. Then again, everyone here listened to The Four.

“Wait!” she cried out.

“Wait? Wait for what?”

“Please, please don’t go. You don’t have to go.”

He stopped and turned towards her, finally letting his eyes acknowledge her presence. “And how do you know what I have to do?”

She bowed her head when he gazed upon her, not able to meet his eyes. “I don’t. I just know you don’t have to go to Lucifer.”

“You know nothing! You … you’re not even a half-breed.” There was pain in his voice at first, but the end of his sentence was laced with so much anger the first emotion would have been missed.

The obvious pierced her. Her status never mattered before, not really. Now he used it like a knife. “I know. I know I’m not. I know I am not what I once was.”

“You don’t even have the memories that … God … gave the half-breeds.”

“And you? You have all of them and more. You were here from the beginning and before. But it’s not the memories that make us. The brain fails, but the heart endures. That’s what so many fail to understand!”

He laughed. “Learned that from you ‘job’ did you?”

“From experience.”

He frowned. “You say that only because it comforts you; the little lies that your kind keeps to help you through yet another day. Keep it then, there are very few comforts anywhere. Take them where you can.”

“My comfort comes from knowing that God loves me for who I am, for what I am.”

“God … doesn’t know what love is.”

“You can’t believe that.”

“You know nothing. You are Forgotten, it means to be tossed aside. You are nothing.”

“You look down on us because they do, because Lucifer does, because he’s convinced you to; he’s made you think our shortened memories and lives make us weak. Makes us inferior. But does having all those memories make you any better if you refuse to embrace them all? I know you’re First Gen, the Beloved…”

He spat on the ground. “Beloved. I am not beloved.”

“But you are!”

In three steps he was back in front of her. Had she been taller, they would have been face to face. She gasped as he towered over her and it took everything to keep from falling to her knees.

Konnor struggled against his bonds as he watched them. Next to him, he heard the generals laugh haughtily.

Metatron continued. “You who don’t have the memories of what transpired yesterday, you know nothing of what I am, what I’m not and what is never to be.”

“You don’t know that.”

“You talk of love but don’t even know what love is. You love a Second Gen who won’t love you and have the love of a Savior who you won’t even acknowledge.”

She looked at him confused by his words and wondered how the feeling could be misconstrued. “I love Gabriel because he is … my creator … my … my father – and I know he can’t love me the way a Terran father can, why he won’t.” Doubt started gnawing at the edges of her being but she was determined to keep above it. She didn’t want to be distracted.

He laughed angrily. “And still you call Gabriel a ‘him’.”

“Blame eons of upbringing, from a world that is male dominated in mentality.”

“I don’t have time for this.”

“How could you not? Time means nothing to you, time is a Terran creation as flawed as it is. Yes, it is fleeting as the Terrans are, as The Forgotten and Lowly; but love … love is everlasting.”

“There is only anger and hatred and sadness.”

“Because Lucifer’s put that into you. There is fear and jealousy here in his realm, no love because of him and he’s planted it all in you. Yes, in his eyes I am lower than the half-breeds; I have no life compared to you, to Michael, to Raphael, to Gabriel, to ….”

“You spout words that mean nothing to me.”

“Because my kind is unable to say your names.”

“Do you know why?”

“Does that really matter?”

“You dare speak to me like a Second Gen?”

“Please Metatron.”

“Don’t call me that! My name is….”

She squeezed her eyes shut, turned her head to the side and trembled. The sound coming from him as he said his name was awesome and terrible. Second only to God speaking directly to her. That would be her death and she knew it. This was the meaning of the hierarchy – not leveled per importance or job, not really, but by ‘blood’. How much Terran they had within them determined where they stood in the Heirarchy. She herself was closer to Terrans than The Beloved, who was closer to God. She fell to her knees.

Behind her the generals tightened their grip on Konnor as he also started to fall onto his knees.

“You are the Beloved.” she whispered again.

“I don’t know what love is.”

“No, that’s not true. Your very name emphasizes it. You know, but you’re afraid to admit it.”

“I fear nothing.”

“You fear God. You fear God doesn’t love you like you want her to.”

He smirked. “What, no ‘him’?”

She continued uninterrupted. “Why do you want God to be in love with you?”

Metatron paled and took a step back.

“Can’t you see that it’s enough for her to love you the way she needs to? Being ‘in love’ is ultimately selfish, but she cannot be that, so she gives you the purest form that she can. Purer than what she gives the Terrans. Not even the First Gens have that. Only you, you who are above all.”

“And you think you know love enough?”

“I know enough to know why you’re here. Because Lucifer’s jealous of…”

“You know …!” He stared at her for a moment, then looked over at Konnor. “You’re in love with Konnor; he will never love you the way you want him to.”

Her eyes grew wide and she turned to look behind her. “That’s not what Lucifer thought.” She whispered to The Beloved.

Konnor stopped moving and looked at both of them. His face was pale and his eyes were wide. He didn’t know. He saw the tears come to her eyes and felt his own water.

She turned back to Heaven’s Second. “I know why Konnor can’t. And it’s enough for me to know that he loves me the only way he can. The only way he’s able to, the way it was originally made to be. Love – how you’re defining it – that’s what the Terrans use, that’s their reasoning; that’s the only way they understand it and it is ultimately selfish…”

“You’ve already made that statement.”

“No, listen, it is for us – for the Terrans, for the Forgotten, for Saviors, for Half-Breeds. Maybe it is better with Lucifer’s ‘creations’: the Lowly, the Imps and the Assunders – they are the fallen immortal, but they don’t know love. But not for you, not for the angels, not any of them. It would destroy Konnor to ‘fall in love’ only to have it taken away from him. He may be my twin, he may be fallen, but he is immortal.”

“And yet you think I need to go through that again.”

“You’ve never been through it. You … how do you know what being ‘in love’ is?”

“Metatron looked away from her for a moment.

“God never left you. God is still there, and God still loves you.”

“But not in love! Enough! Leave! I hear Lucifer coming. I … must go.” He looked over at the Konnor and the demons. “Prepare him! Let her see what is to come. Then do what you wish.”

“No! He’s tricked you, you know this. Why isn’t it enough to know that God loves you the way she needs to?”

The highest of the angels, higher than Michael and Raphael, turned and walked off. She cried out to him again.


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Short Stories: Savior

Got done with my school paper – yay me! And I was able to find another picture that closer resembled what I pictured. I’ve never heard of this before, but I’m guessing there’s an anime called Little Twin Stars and this is what came up when I did a search. Not exactly what I wanted.

This one is called Twin Stars by Abhi Ashutosh and can be found at

If it seems like there’s something missing here, maybe. Sometimes all the story doesn’t come to me. Maybe it will later or maybe someone else will find it. Who knows?


Karen was walking down the dirt path to her next destination that Cassiel gave her. Although he reassured her that everything would be fine, she was still worried about Zhovaer and Konnor. Maybe the Savior was stronger than she was giving him credit for, but she knew Konnor.

A smile crossed her face as she thought about the both of them. She so wanted to keep their images in her mind, but she wasn’t afforded that luxury, so she made do with what she had for as long as she could. It hadn’t been easy to rescue Zhovaer, so she hoped it would be just as hard for Konnor to send him back.

She made a small exclamation, more like a meep when the dark mass that whizzed past her made spin around and then fall onto her butt. Wide-eyed she looked around to see what exactly happened. For a moment there was nothing around her save the red desert scene that she walked through. Her ears, however, heard something different; something that wasn’t supposed to be there but was very close and very familiar.

As Karen moved her head slowly, letting her eyes pan the horizon, she came across a lone boulder that hadn’t been there when she walked past the area. Crouched by it was a familiar form that was peeking at her, then around as though it belonged to a frightened animal.

“Konnor?” She stood slowly and started brushing herself off.

He shushed her and continued looking around.

Nervously she glanced around and then quickly walked over to him as he beckoned to her. “Konnor … what …?”

He grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her down and then sat with his back against the boulder.

“Konnor, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

He released her and looked around again before he put his arm over her shoulders. “I’m hunted.”

Karen’s breath caught in her throat and she glanced around quickly. “We can’t stay here.”

“I don’t know where to go. He’ll find me …”

She shushed him this time, putting a finger to his lips. “Maybe not. C’mon. This way!”

He grabbed her wrist again. “Didn’t you hear me? He’ll find me!”

She looked at him in pity. “What happened? Why is he hunting you?”

“It’s not just him; Metatron is with him too.”

“The Beloved? Why …”

“It’s because of … no, no it’s not but …” he sighed and released his hold again. He then drew up his knees, rested his elbows on them and covered his eyes.

“What did I do?”

“It’s not you.”

She stayed silent but looked at him, waiting patiently for him to calm down.

“Do you know who you saved?”


“Darkness reigns, girl! Think!”


Konnor nodded. “Do you know who he is?”

“No, I never know. I’m never told.”

“You rescued The Son’s right hand.”

Karen’s eyes widened, and had she the ability and circumstances were different she could have been proud. Now she understood why Gabriel was overly joyous about it. “Zhovaer is …”

Konnor lowered his hands dejectedly, kept his eyes closed and nodded. “He’s more important than I knew; more important than anyone realized. I hadn’t realized it; we were closer to the end than anyone thought.”

She lowered her eyes. Konnor was right. Having The Beloved by his side right now gave him an edge, but to have leverage against The Son – to go this far against God …. “We’re on the verge of the War?”

He looked over at her, tears in his eyes. “No, not anymore … or not this way. Karen, Lucifer’s pissed more than I have ever seen. Keeping Zhovaer here would have …”

She nodded and looked at him. “And you … you were supposed to keep him here.”

“And I failed!”

She drew him close to her and hugged him. He was trembling viciously in her arms so she knew he for once was telling the truth.

“You can’t hide me.”

“Not permanently.”

“I’ll be destroyed.”

“Konnor, no …”

“I was supposed to keep him here, and destroy whichever guide was trying to help him. Now I see why he chose me for it: because it was you.”

“I won’t let him take you.”

A panicked laughed issued forth. “And just what are you going to do? Gabriel can’t help me. Even Raphael is forbidden from intervening.”

“Oh ye of little faith.” She smiled.

“Damn it, Karen!”

“Everything happens as God plans. Do I have to keep reminding you?” She moved away from and then knelt beside him. After a moment she took his hands in hers.

He watched her quietly, then after a moment got on his knees and faced her.

Her eyes were closed as she moved their hands so that their palms touched and their fingers intertwined.

Konnor took a deep breath, closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers. After a moment he whispered her name and felt her move her head. When he opened his eyes and looked at her, he saw the brilliance in her halo and the brightness of her hazel eyes. She was a door now to someplace that he knew would hide him, if only for a few moments. He could feel her around him, could feel the warmth and safety she almost always emitted as he moved closer to her.

He loved her; he always had, even when those feelings and emotions were stripped from him. They belonged to each other and as they became one being he felt a fear wash over him. He had to protect her from Lucifer. He would take his punishment but he would keep her from harm.

But she hushed him again, and the thoughts strayed. What had been taken was gently replaced, although not entirely. He felt his strength return to him, and with it determination, joy and love. Everything that he relinquished when he became Lowly she planted within him. He could remember a time before all this, could feel what his purpose had been. Protector. Guardian.

They were a twin star dancing in the night sky and every movement made them brighter. Where one began the other ended to the point where you couldn’t distinguish between them. The light increased, every breath brought music to the desolate stretch of despair that surrounded them yet faded away.

At the pinnacle, at the crescendo, he sang out her name, the one Gabriel originally gave that couldn’t be pronounced with words alone. And his song echoed back to him.

Then slowly the light started to fade, a pulse that slowed with each breath. The single star began to regain form and they ‘stood’ before each other, hands still clasped tightly together. Their hearts’ rhythms separated; both breathing apart from each other and he smiled as he stared into her eyes.

They weren’t where they had been before, but he wasn’t sure exactly where they were now. She relaxed her grip on him as his eyes closed as she lowered her hands.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe.” She whispered; her body lowered to a kneeling position as she helped him lay his body down on the ground and his arm stretched out over his eyes.

Karen then stood and turned to face Metatron.


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