Another change in the line up. I hope you don’t mind.

Well, I guess it’s about time I introduce myself to everyone.

My name is Deborah Hernandez McCarthy Cervantes. Long name for a short girl.

Born in (West) Los Angeles, raised in El Paso, TX and currently residing in Northern Indiana with my husband of 15 years.

I have two beautiful and talented daughters: my oldest is a gamer, speaks Japanese and is a Sophomore in college studying computer graphics; my youngest is entering high school next year – she’s good at math, loves to dance and knows a bit of Korean.

I’m a gamer as well, love sci-fi and horror movies and science fiction and fantasy stories. I also love music – nearly all genres; it basically depends on my mood and whether it ties itself to a story.

I have a passion for the paranormal, some anime, computer hidden object and deck building games.

I have been writing off and on since the late ’80s, but only recently developed the courage to post anything – and I thank my friend Chris for that encouragement.

Too many other things to mention.

It’s nice to meet all of you. If you want to know more or have questions, concerns or comments, you can get a hold of me – I think I’m able to get my contact info on here.

Take care and keep on keeping on!



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