Other Stories: Supremacy

The following preview is another story that I started in September 2016. Like most of my stories, the idea hit me and I started writing. I don’t remember what I was watching, reading or listening to at that time.

The picture I found for this comes from https://www.creativefan.com/60-breathtaking-post-apocalypse-artworks/ even though it’s labeled http://www.penemenn.com – I couldn’t find that website anywhere.


I was there when the world ended. Actually, that’s not an entirely accurate statement. I was there when the world we knew ended. Everything that we as a people finally held so dear to us was taken, without warning and without mercy. But it wasn’t like we hadn’t been warned. We just hadn’t bothered to listen. Most didn’t want to; those that finally dared to had done so too late. We let ourselves believe that it was only paranoia, a Creepy Pasta per se. Surely nothing like what those who knew predicted would come to pass. But it did; it finally did.

There was no zombie apocalypse, no plague, no alien takeover. Everything just ended and we were left with nothing.

What did we expect though? We gave up everything for safety, for the belief that we were doing the right thing. That there were things out there more important than our own individuality. Little by little they chipped away at our psyche – changed the way we thought, the way we ate, the way we felt.

I always believed that people had a choice, were free to choose. They even took that away from us in the end, by making us believe we still could.


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