Short Stories: Savior

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Don’t worry.


It was dead silence when Lucifer walked into view. Metatron walked over to and stood next to him, turned his head and softly said something to him that none could hear. Lucifer’s eyes burned with demonic fire but remained soft.

Contrary to belief, Lucifer is beautiful. God had gifted him with every beauty known; his fall didn’t diminish him as one would think. Karen knew the Terran stories were the way they were only to distinguish between their definitions of good and evil.

The dark prince smiled, then turned his attention to Konnor.

Karen shakily got to her feet as she watched Lucifer walk towards the Lowly and she made up her mind. He was about ten paces from her twin when she openly stated: “Wait! I come to you freely, a willing soul in place of one you already own.”

He didn’t stop walking, but slowed and turned towards her.

The Forgotten raised her trembling chin and stood as still as she could as she heard the protests behind her. She gave them no heed, merely watched the devil approach her.

With a nod from their dark lord, Asmodeus and Mammon released Konnor, then moved away. He ran up to, grabbed her and turned her to face him. “Are you crazy? What are you hoping…?”

She smiled softly and placed a finger to his lips but said nothing. His eyes emitted the fear they had been since he first opened them after they arrived but now concern and anger mixed within. He wouldn’t let her do this.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have a choice. Konnor was knocked to his knees and watched silently as Karen was pulled out of his grasp, letting Lucifer sweep her up in his arms. It felt both right and wrong but he merely stood up silently under the gaze of the one he surrendered to as master.

They moved away from him, out of arm’s reach and though their words to each other were hushed, he could hear them.

“You give yourself to me.”

“For him, I do.”

“Of your own free will?”


“You are lost.” The dark lord hissed.

“I am not afraid.” She responded.

Occasionally Konnor’s eyes were drawn across from his position to where The Beloved stood, noticing how dark Metatron’s eyes were as he quietly watched them.

The movements were perfect as demon lord pulled her in close to him, almost like a dance before them. Although he couldn’t see them, Konnor could feel other Lowly approach. He knew what was happening. He knew but couldn’t move even with his entire being screaming for him to intercede. Would Karen become Lowly, like him, like the others who refused to show themselves anymore because of the guilt they felt at being lured?

All could be lured to Hell, save God.

But for the Forgotten, to be lured could be a death sentence. He was sure of this. When he surrendered he was a Guardian and he accepted it; it was his choice to leave Heaven, to become Lowly.

And he now remembered why.

But she didn’t leave, she chose to replace him. She did this for him, for the Saviors and The Beloved. It was her way of trying to rescue The Beloved, but she was mainly doing this for him. Because she loved him. Things didn’t change.

The seduction would be complete, but it shouldn’t be. When he looked down, looked away – and he had to pull his eyes away – he saw himself trembling. He had to do something.

Only what could he do? He was sworn to do Lucifer’s bidding. He brought her here – even if she argued it was her choice to believe she brought him. He whispered her name as he heard her breath escape her lips. “Don’t do this.”

She smiled softly.

He shut his eyes, not wanting to look, not wanting to know what she did, but he felt the arms, hands and fingers of the others touch and move him. Opening his eyes he saw her now on the ground with The Fallen One kneeling beside her, hovering, hunched over her, drawing her soul into him and into the depths of his innermost torturous sections of his home.

He looked again at Metatron, his eyes almost pleading when he saw The Beloved looking at him. “Do something!” No voice left him; all were silent as their lord feasted.

“What would you have me do, Lowly. She chose this, as you did before her. Proof that there is no love.” Heaven’s Second turned away from the scene.

He heard the sound first. “Good-bye.”

Then he heard Lucifer. “You are released, once Lowly. Go back to God, if you dare.”

Suddenly he felt her, around him, within him. He could feel her breath, smell her essence and see her eyes. As the others released him he felt his knees give way and he sank to the ground. When he looked back, Lucifer was gone as were all of the other Lowly. Only Metatron remained.

She laid there still, her body almost fragile. He got up as quickly, albeit awkwardly, as he could, ran towards and skidded next to her. He then picked her up in his arms. She was there, but gone.

He cried out her name as he held her tight against him, wishing he could will her back to him.


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5 thoughts on “Short Stories: Savior

  1. Wow the plot is truly thickening. I’m starting to really like Konnor he truly reminds me of the Tragic Hero archetype. The Tragic Hero is one of my favorites becauseI feel as a character they develop by leap and bounds. I also noticed the research you did with the demons and their names. Great Stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Honestly, I didn’t do near the amount of research for this as I did for another one of my stories (that may not get blogged here, not sure yet). Glad you’re still liking this.

      Liked by 1 person

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