Short Stories: Savior

I hope this posting of this story is enjoyable. One thing I’ve found while going through this and my other stories is that they seem to change, perhaps evolve, as the weeks go by. What I started out with is not how I’m ending this.

This is also not my last posting on this story. I have one more, which I hope turns out well.

Photo for today is from It actually isn’t what I pictured for today, but it was what I had in mind when I first started this small chapter.

You’ll notice, as predictable, that I don’t go into much detail regarding the fighting. I know I’ve defined it differently, but for those who might be able to feel it, I encourage you to listen to the following songs either before, during, or after you’ve read this. See what you think.

Evil Angel (Breaking Benjamin)
Do What You Want (DJ Earworm) – Especially this one
Breathe Into Me (Red)
Until The End (Breaking Benjamin)
Fix Me (10 years)
Call Me (Shinedown)
Whisper (Evanescence)

I got the idea for this story from these songs along with a couple of others.


“Wow! That … that was … quite the story, Cassiel.”

Konnor froze completely as the others turned to face the source of the voice. There, on a small boulder, sat Lucifer, clapping slowly and sarcastically, shaking his head and chuckling. He seemed to bounce up off the boulder and walked slowly over towards Metatron, still clapping while he watched the others.

“Ha, ha! I … I especially liked the part about the rumor … you know, the ‘here say’ about why God turned her back on me.” Although he stopped clapping, and emphasized the word with his fingers, he kept smiling as he stopped next to The Beloved. His eyes, however, looked dark and sinister.

In the time it took the fallen angel to move to his destination, Michael, Raphael and Cassiel repositioned themselves with Cassiel standing in front of Konnor and Karen. Michael and Raphael stood near shoulder-to-shoulder to the left of the small group.

Metatron looked over at Lucifer. “I thought you left with your prize.”

“Well, that’s the funny part. I seem to have…”

“…lost something?” Raphael finished, though his was more a question than a response to The Beloved. Lucifer turned his eyes towards the Arch Angel and smiled.

“Something you would know about?”

“No, but there is something that you should … hear.”

The Beloved looked around and then moved back to back with Lucifer as he tried not to gaze into the faces of those now surrounding him and the fallen one.

They all seemed to make a circle around the smaller group: Angels and High Angels, Guardians and Saviors, Half-Breed and Forgotten. Then as quickly as this group appeared, others arrived just as quickly: Imps, Demons and Lowly. Lucifer’s Generals were also there, but a little further away from the group. The rest of The Four rode up and stood quietly next to Samael away from everyone. Their attention, however, seemed to be on something else.

If you’ve never had the chance to see this race argue amongst themselves it is actually quiet breath-taking. Their idea of war is not what our idea of war is. In fact, a tiff, scuffle or fight for them is more beautiful to behold than anything Terrans have ever come up with. It’s not known how or why Terrans’ actions fell so far away from those of what they call the ‘Heavenly Host’ and ‘Hellions’ – perhaps it has something to do with the way Lucifer plans to take over.

But as beautiful as it is, it is also heart-wrenching.

This race is emotion-based. When God is at peace and her love flows over all, Terrans can feel it and they prosper. But during the times when God is distraught, when Lucifer has pushed her far enough that she has to intervene or when her ‘side’ of the race has to come forward – this is when there is turmoil amongst the mortals.

This is when the belief of Armageddon is strongest within the hearts of Man.

The music of the cacophony rose to a crescendo between the two factions of the race as each tried to convince Metatron to stay with Lucifer or go back to God.

“It looks like they’re serious this time Metatron.” Lucifer didn’t actually say that name, but The Beloved’s actual name. Those who couldn’t speak those words, the Lowly and Forgotten merely heard Metatron in their minds.

Michael and Raphael approached, side by side, their eyes staring straight only at Metatron. Meanwhile, Zhovaer walked over to Konnor and put a hand on his shoulder. When he turned to the Savior, Zhovaer put a finger to his lips and motioned for him to pay attention to what would happen.

Lucifer waved a hand and those who stood with him became still, hushed. He knew what was coming, he knew who was walking behind the two highest only under The Beloved.

When they stopped, and took a step aside, he blinked. It was a little surprising to see Uriel standing before God.

Konnor instantly lowered his gaze and fell to a knee; next to him Zhovaer crossed his arms over his chest and bowed his head and upper body.

Arch Angels lowered their eyes.

High angels bowed their heads.

Angels knelt either on one or two bended knees depending on their status.

Only The Beloved could stand in the presence of God and look God full in the face.

Behind Lucifer, who stood with lowered eyes, those who followed him positioned themselves in their respective stances according to their opposites’ stances: his Generals stood with bowed heads. Demons and Imps on bended knee with either bowed heads, or kneeling on one or two knees. Some even went so far as to supplicate themselves even lower.

Despite their differing views, all bowed before God.

Uriel began to speak. It was strange. He was an Arch Angel but had now become a messenger chosen to speak for God this time.

His voice rang out, clear, beautiful, as he related to The Beloved God’s feelings, God’s words, and meaning.

All were silent.

The Beloved just stood and stared.

Not even Lucifer could move.

The words were heart-wrenching and spoke of a love that no Terran had ever heard or felt before. They rang with truth and there weren’t any eyes that didn’t become affected by the strength of the emotions.

When he finished, Metatron sang his response. Again, the words, the feelings were intense. Heart-breaking wouldn’t come close to what could be felt.

Uriel started a reply, but now Cassiel joined him, as did The Son. All around them rose a soft chorus of feelings from everyone. Well everyone save Lucifer.

When their song ended, Lucifer turned to Metatron and spoke quietly to him. It would have continued except that now God moved forward and put her hands on Uriel’s shoulders. She leaned forward and appeared to whisper to the messenger. Whatever words came from her, he shot them forward towards their target.

Metatron wailed out in pity and misery, his heart torn. He had one hand over his chest, the other outstretched as though begging for explanation or for it all to end. His eyes were on only God, and hers on his. Their battle was coming to a head.

God reached out a hand towards The Beloved as her angels continued to be her voice. Her eyes were as bright as his were pained. And just as their fingers touched…

An intense bright light exploded.

When it faded, only Konnor and Gabriel remained.


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