Short Stories: Savior

Tried my hand at generic Photoshopping – in other words, I fused two pictures together using Paint – since I’m not smart enough to use Photoshop just yet.

I’d like to thank and for their pictures.

I hope no one’s confused by my interchange of a couple of names.



Zane shook his head rapidly and took a step back away from Konnor. “No, that … no something’s not sounding right here.”

“Whoa! It’s all right, man! Calm down!” Konnor raised his hands in a gesture of trying to calm Zane down. The sincerity in his cold, slate-grey eyes was bright.

“She said … “

“…that it’s your job to save people from Hell. Yeah, she uses that one a lot. Honestly, between you and me I honestly think she believes it now.”

“She’s a demon … and … you’re an angel?” Zane pointed at Konnor.

Konnor grinned, nodded and started walking down the path, motioning for Zane to follow. “Those are Terran words for our race, yes. It’s how they differentiate us.”

And follow he did, mainly to figure out what was going on. “No wings?”

Konnor’s features faltered for a moment, nearly a split second. “Wings?”

“Yeah, don’t Angels normally have wings?”

“They’re not wings, actually, not like Terrans paint them to be. Either way, I tend not to show them, especially when I’m trying to get past her defenses.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re not endowed with feathers on our backs that allow us to glide down to … Earth. That’s only in Renaissance paintings and comic books.”

Zane actually grinned and then laughed at that, but it was fleeting. “Uh huh. So if she’s dragging me to Hell, where are we?”

Konnor looked around and nodded. “At the gates of Limbo … or what some call Purgatory.”

Zane looked around, but the scenery hadn’t changed. “So you’re telling me that she managed to get me moving all this time from Heaven and we’re in Purgatory now?

Konnor laughed. “Sorry, man. Distance is … well it’s perception. It doesn’t take long to get anywhere here. And if memory serves, you didn’t exactly exit where you entered right? I mean with Glen.”

“So, everything she explained ….”

“Oh, there’s a lot of truth to what she said. The Hierarchy does exist. Every name she gave you is for a … real being. After all, it’s how a good deception works. Tell lies – exaggerations actually – and then add in the truth at convenient times when the person isn’t buying what you’re saying.”

“Ok, then how do you explain Michael and Gabriel?”

“They were imps, Zane. Mere fabrications.”

“But they …”

“She was asleep when they appeared?”

Zane nodded as he thought back.

Konnor smiled and shook his head. “She wasn’t actually asleep. She was conjuring them to try to convince you to first do wrong and then take you completely out of Heaven. She’s done it before – she’s quite good at it. It’s all right, Zane. Technically you didn’t really do anything wrong. How did you feel when you spoke to them? When they touched you?”

He shrugged. “Pretty indifferent, I think. No warmth?” Zane continued looking down at the ground as they walked, trying to find a memory, any memory, of what happened. “Ok, well, what about Glen?”

“Oh, yeah. Thank God we got him before he could leave. We’re not blaming you for that – you didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know?”

“Well, we already had your lost soul running around; wouldn’t have been good to have another. See after she took you out of your personal Heaven, she had you do the same for another person. This way she was nearly assured to have two souls to take with her. Gives her a chance to hide from us. So, basically I’m here to take you back to Heaven.”

“A demon, in Heaven?”

“We do get those sometimes. Just like angels in Hell. Obviously, I’m here.”

“And who gets to take her back?”

“I’m sure someone will dig up reinforcements to deal with her. I hate to say it but I don’t really know who they’ll get. All I know is I got lucky this time around and I get to take you right back to your little slice of Heaven.”

Konnor stopped, as did Zane, and motioned to a path that appeared before them. It looked slightly familiar, but Zane was a little hesitant about stepping on to it. “So, I’m not a Savior?”

Konnor clapped a consoling hand on Zane’s shoulder. “There’s only one Savior, man. Jesus. He died for our sins.”

“Yeah I heard about that.”

The man laughed. “I guess word does get around. C’mon! Let’s get you back to where you belong.” He turned and started walking slowly down the new path as Zane quietly watched him.

“Aren’t you going the wrong way?”

Konnor didn’t stop. “What?”

“You’re going the wrong way. I’m sure that I came from the other direction.” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder to the area behind him.

He now stopped and turned towards the man. “Well, like I said, it’s ….” He never finished.

“And exactly how are you going to explain that one away, Konnor?” Another voice floated in behind Zane.

The Savior’s eyes had been on Konnor and he saw the man’s demeanor change abruptly. When he turned to look, there stood Cassiel.

“Cassiel.” Konnor whispered as he took a step back. “Where’s Karen?”

“I’ve sent her on to her next assignment.” He looked straight at Konnor as he answered, then turned towards… “Zhovaer I hope you don’t mind, I know you ordered her to stay put, but she’s needed and basically had no choice in the matter – despite what she says about that topic.” He smirked and walked forward into their midst; he then stopped before Konnor, looked him up and down and then, of all things, hugged him. “I am so glad you’re Gabriel’s creation, and not mine.” He laughed.

The Savior blinked and shook his head. Both names hadn’t come out as Zhovaer and Gabriel; in fact, what issued forth from Cassiel’s mouth as he spoke their names sounded different … almost like music. The most beautiful song he had ever heard before. He could see how Karen and Konnor could mispronounce it.

“So, she’s gone?” Zhovaer asked.

“Yes.” Cassiel turned his attention to Zhovaer. “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, she’s lasted this long.”

“I’ll never see her again?”

Cassiel laughed. “If you’re lucky, no. But things seem to be picking up a bit…” he motioned towards Konnor. “It’s looking like they’re trying harder to get certain people.”

Konnor regained his composure. “Speaking of trying harder … Zane, it’s another trick. You must be more important than I first realized. Take my hand and I’ll get you to safety, but we have to hurry!” He held out his hand towards the Savior.

Cassiel raised his hand and Konnor back off. He then moved to one side to allow another man to walk forward. “Zhovaer …” Cassiel started, “…I think you may remember….”

As he stared at the man, flashes of memories started moving before his eyes. He saw desolation, agony and despair around him. He was lost, and then he heard a sound and saw a sight that brought such bliss into his life that he swore he would always hold on to it. There before him stood a man unlike any he had seen before. His voice was serene and his words promised salvation. He nearly ran to him, fell to his knees before him and cried.

The man before him gently lifted first his head then helped him stand. He remembered the voice so clearly and the joy he felt when he heard it.

“Because you are the first to come to me when I called, I name you my right hand, high above others. My confidant and aide, you will help me bring the others back to God. You I will love above all, save God and The Beloved.” The man hugged him and he felt bliss. After, he remembered helping the man bring others like him from the depths of Hell back to Heaven.

Zhovaer blinked himself back to now and saw the man now at arm’s length from him, the man’s hands on his arms like the day he had hugged the Savior and released him.

“I am glad you were found.”

Zhovaer fell to one knee and bowed his head before The Son.

“Hey, I told you never to do that again. You are my friend, and my rock.”

As Zhovaer stood, he saw The Son turn his attention to Konnor, who was now backing away from them with tremendous fear in his eyes.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything, a loud boom could be heard. They all raised their attentions to see the sky above and the surrounding area started darkening – what had once been a forest scene started turning black with decay.

“He knows.” The Son said, turning to Zhovaer.

When the three of them looked, Konnor was gone.


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