Well, school is over for the semester, so now I can devote some more time on my stories and this blog.

It will also mean I can catch up on some of the blogs that I follow, because I’ve missed reading them.

I’m also revamping this site, so you’ll noticed a few changes. Please bear with me, I’m sure you’ll like what I do.

Take care in the meantime!

D (12/19/15)


Good afternoon everyone! First, I want to apologize: I am behind in my reading (of those blogs that I follow) and my writing (mainly Sanity and Savior). This is my first week back to school and I’m trying to make sure I have a good gasp of things before I continue anything else.

But continue I will, I promise. I still need to end Savior in two more blogs and keep up Sanity. My fan-fiction, well that will continue on since the game itself is pretty huge.

I’m hoping to get back on track in a couple of weeks, but I will probably respond to other posts before that.

Thanks for your understanding and continue having great days! (8/26/15)


Sneak preview!

You know you’re addicted to a game when you start fantasizing about the characters; or when you start socializing more with them in your mind than you do with real people. What is it about these NPCs that attract someone? Is it the fact that you guess they’re not going to hurt you – in a sense? They won’t stalk you. They’re safe, they won’t try to come over to your house when you don’t want them to, but then again they won’t come over when you want them to either.

Coming soon…

One last thing I want to say before I get busy in the coming weeks.

I want to say a big “Thank You!” to everyone who has liked my page and my stories and who are now following. It’s been pretty exciting having people read and like what I’ve created.

You all have made my day/week/year!

Thank you! (6/7/15)

As I’m still new to the workings of this site, and with school starting I won’t have a tremendous amount of time to fiddle with this, I’m going to temporarily put up some links here on some of the sites that I feel are worth going to. I think they are awesome: great stories, wonderful people. I hope you enjoy this, and don’t stop being creative! (6/7/15)

The Ralston Mansion Arc series:

Deep and Thoughtful Prose:

Writing tips and pointers:

Dragon Spawn:

My friend Lettie:

Poet Christopher:

Good news/bad news. I will try my best to continue posting my stories on a weekly basis, but school is starting up next week so I apologize if I miss a week. Don’t despair though, I will continue entertaining you with my fan fiction and short stories.

I will say that I have another story in the works that I’ve named Survival I will post once Savior is done. More to come – (6/5/15)

As I’ve mentioned before, I get inspiration from lots of places. Unless I get requests sooner, I’m going to either upload or post the links to my inspiration to Savior – (6/1/15)

As I work on this site more I’m hoping to be able to create a site that will house everything I have: from stories, to ratings to opinions.

It’s a very rough draft right now, please excuse the mess.

I will say that you’ll see links come and go as I add things, because right now it appears I can only have three links. Please bear with me as I learn how to overcome this. Thank you!



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