Short Stories: Savior

I’m hoping one day to either be able to draw decently enough or befriend someone who can so I can put up pictures that are closer to what I really want. For now, please enjoy this picture from as it’s the closest thing I could find to what I want.

As this series winds down, I find myself looking at all the new heaven and hell series that are out there. Maybe there are more or maybe I’m just paying more attention to these topics. Each one’s just a little different – kind of like what’s going on with vampires.



“Th’fu…” Zhovaer jumped up at the sound of the voice, his fists clenched tight, his body taught and prepared to defend them both from whoever or whatever snuck up on them. Turning, he saw a familiar form standing just a couple of feet away from him. Almost instinctively he moved to stand between Karen and this new person.

Konnor made a mock bow to them both and grinned mischievously.

Karen peeked out from behind Zhovaer, looked Konnor up and down quickly, sighed and shook her head before she disappeared again behind the Savior. “What’s with the change of clothes, Konnor?”

Zhovaer also looked him up and down.

Konnor was now dressed mostly in black: black baseball cap worn backwards over what appeared to be dark hair; metal rimmed sunglasses hid his eyes but made his already pale skin look more ghostly; a black sleeveless shirt that accented his tatted, muscular shoulders; blue denim jeans ripped at the knees and steel-toed shoes. He straightened his six-foot-three frame, crossed his arms over his chest and impassively stared at both of them. “I was trying to make a good impression.”

Zhovaer cocked an eyebrow, and sensing no real ill intent, relaxed and moved to one side so that Konnor was able to see Karen. He then divided his attention between the two. When neither one continued speaking, he broke the silence. “Well, it’s an impression. Can’t say it’s good or bad.”

Konnor laughed. “Oh I like him.”

“I’m sure you do.” Karen remarked emotionlessly.

“Karen?” Zhovaer became nervous with her change of demeanor and moved closer to her.

She stood, faced the Savior and motioned in Konnor’s direction as she spoke introductions. “Zhovaer, this is Konnor. He is Lowly and … somewhat part of your … training.”

Konnor lowered his arms and bowed again, this time with more sincerity.


“It’s like Forgotten, only … better.” Konnor grinned again.

She huffed.

“Now, now, dear sister, none of that. I didn’t interrupt you when you were instructing him.”

“Fine.” She turned and walked off a little.

“No, wait. Wait!” Zhovaer went after her as Konnor crossed his arms over his chest again and watched them with great amused interest. The Savior grabbed her arm as carefully as he could to stop her. “Wait!”

She stopped and looked up at him. Only curiosity and warmth were etched on her face as he tried to figure out what was going on.

“Why are you leaving?”

“So he can train you without any interruption.” There was no malice in her response; in fact, her words sounded like it had been the most logical thing to do.

“What is he going to train me on?”

Karen’s eyes lowered slightly as she tried to think of the right words to say, but almost immediately moved back up to him when he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head up.

“What’s going on Karen? Why do I need anything from him? And who is he?”

“I told you, I’m Lowly.” Konnor responded as he approached them.

Zhovaer let his hand fall and turned to face Konnor but didn’t let Karen go. “She told me that, you didn’t.”

“Semantics.” He shrugged.

“Konnor is my twin.” She responded calmly at first. “Gabriel created us, but Konnor chose to follow Lucifer.”

“Karen…” Konnor started raising his hand slowly towards her, palm open in an attempt to stop her words.

“He thought he could do better than what he was designed for…”

“Karen, wait…”

“He thought he was more important than being an angel, so he left. And when I found out …”

“Stop! Karen, just …. “ Konnor clenched his fists and pulled off his sunglasses.

Zhovaer again stood calmly between the two although his facial features showed the anger currently going through him. He looked at the paled man. His dark eyes looked sunk in due to the black circles that accented the pain, fear and sadness that were eminating from them. The Savior then turned back to Karen as he released his grip. “That was a bit uncalled for.”

She bit her lip and lowered her head. “I’m sorry. But it’s the truth.”

“Ok, right now I seriously don’t care!” Zhovaer snapped at her before he turned to Konnor. “You! Walk!” He pointed in the direction he figured the man came from.

“Now wait ….”

“I said walk, damn it!” He repeated and stood staring daggers at the man until Konnor turned and started slowly in the direction Zhovaer originally motioned in. The Savior then turned back to Karen. “You! Stay put!” And pointed down at the ground by her feet for emphasis.

Karen opened her mouth to reply, but quickly shut it when she saw his demeanor. She then nodded and looked away from him as he followed Konnor.

When he was sure they were out of hearing range, the Savior moved quickly past and stopped in front of Konnor to keep him from continuing. “Ok, so, what the hell is going on?”

Konnor grinned. “Funny choice of words.”

“Ok, what the fuck is going on?”

“Look, you can calm down now. I had to do that back there. I’m sorry, but it was necessary.”

“What … are you talking about?”

“She had you enraptured, Zane. Totally under her spell.”

“Wait … what did you call me?”

“Zane. That is your name.”

For a moment he thought he was back with Glen. “But, she calls me …”

“I know what she’s been calling you. But I’m not the first person to call you that am I?”

He shook his head.

“Didn’t think so. I’m glad you still remember it. Most times when I’m able to get past her defenses the person’s so far gone that I lose them.”

“You lose them?”

Konnor nodded. “She’s dragging you to Hell, man.”


“Seriously, I know it’s confusing. But you’re already in Heaven. Don’t believe me? Look around!” He motioned with a sweep of his arm to both the left and right. “Have you been miserable here? When she took you away from your patch of Heaven, you were reliving your days as a rock star right? ”

Zane looked away for a moment as he tried to remember exactly how he met Karen and what he had been feeling. He had a record deal didn’t he? Fans. A band. A big house in Denver. Everything seemed to be going right, at least as far as he could remember.

“Nothing was wrong, until she showed up. Then, and excuse the pun, everything went to Hell in a hand basket.” Konnor grinned until Zane turned back to him and he instantly appeared to have a sincere, albeit consoling smile.


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6 thoughts on “Short Stories: Savior

  1. I like the twist. So are Karen and Konnor playying some type of sibling game with Zane. I also liked that we get a piece of Zane’s history. This Konnor guy is cool I hope he stays around. Like I said before i like the direction this is going.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. And I’m sorry, I don’t know how I missed your comment, I usually get notifications. I had always heard that your characters should always have some sort of background or history so the reader can more easily identify with them. I’m glad you like Konnor, he’s definitely sticking around until the end of the story 😀


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