Short Stories: Savior

Well, this may be a turning point. Some of you may continue enjoying this, some will probably stop.

I think I may have mentioned before that I’m not writing this because I’m overly religious. It’s just a story that came to me while I was listening to music one day and I just rolled with it. Most of the names can be verified although what they actually may be different then what I have written here.

I’d like to thank for the picture; it’s actually the closest thing to what I’ve been looking for.

It’s just fiction, but I hope you enjoy it.


They had been walking for a bit now, side by side. It had mainly been him talking, going over what occurred when he found and saved Glen. Karen would smile brightly when he looked over at her. He was so proud and excited and she encouraged him. And why not? His movements reflected his enthusiasm and excitement so it was hard for her not to.

But it wasn’t just her that encouraged him. Their surroundings reflected him and she was well aware of how dangerous that could be. The sun seemed to shine brightly on the forest path they trekked when his voice grew louder and would dim when he finished. Still she couldn’t stop his ramblings. He put his entire body into his descriptions, explanations and wonderment, and then took a deep breath when he ended his tale. “That wasn’t the last time I get to help someone is it?”

Her voice sounded by music. “Not by a long shot.”

“Aw yeah, because I really like the feeling.” He did a fist pump and she laughed.

“Good! I’m glad, because it’s your job.”

“My job?”

“You’re part of the Hierarchy.”

“Come again?” Zhovaer shook his head to make sure he heard her right.

“You’re an angel. Well, you’re an angel of sorts.”

“Ok, stop. Now you’re shitting me. What are you talking about?”

“God. Afterlife. Everything.”

“I’m not religious.”

“It’s not about religion. It’s about God. Religion is like time – man-made. God is older than that.”

Zhovaer stopped walking and looked at her. “No, I … I don’t get it.”

She stopped and looked at him, trying to decide which direction she wanted to go with this: up or down.

“Ok, look, this is how it works. You’ll need to try to remember what I tell you. I know it’ll be a lot, but maybe it’ll help. Unless you get lost again.” She grinned when she said that and looked over at him. “God created…”

“I know about the story of creation.”

“Hush! Don’t interrupt.”

“But ….”

“Hold on, let me do this. I’m not great at explaining.”

“Is it going to take long?”

Karen laughed. “It takes as long as it takes but will drag out if you keep interrupting me.”

“Fine!” He plopped down in the middle of the road and started taking off his backpack.

Karen slowly sank to her knees, facing him. “First and foremost is God. That’s not the real name, but it’s the most popular at the moment. God is neither male nor female, just is, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll say him, unless you have an objection.”

Zhovaer was busy fiddling with his backpack when she started but looked up at her when she stopped speaking. “It’s fine, call God her. I don’t care.”

“The statement ‘God created the Heavens and the Earth’ is true enough: everything you can see, touch and feel God created or helped fashion. Everything based on memory and experience. Before God was done fashioning certain things, help was needed, so God created the Arch Angels, High Angels and Angels. There are seven generations of Arch Angels and High Angels; the highest of all Angels, known as The Beloved, is Metatron.”

He frowned. “I’ve never heard that before.”

“You have, but not said like that. Just like I can’t pronounce your name correctly, I can’t pronounce The Beloved’s, so I say it the only way I know how. Unfortunately my vocabulary is heavily influenced by Terrans – I’ll tell you about them in a minute.” She added the last before he had a chance to say anything. “Suffice it to say, in more recent times many know Metatron as part of The Holy Trinity.”

“Wait, you’re saying he’s the Holy Spirit?”

“Well, The Beloved is neither male nor female. None of the angels are. But yeah, as far as Terrans go, yes. We don’t call … him … that. Metatron is The Beloved.”

Zhovaer grinned. “So he’s the one who…”

“No! Stop! Don’t even go there.”

He laughed. “Why not? It’s funny as shit!”

Karen closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head. “It’s interrupting me, listen! After that are the first two generations – the Arch Angels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Cassiel, Uriel, Sariel, Raguel and Remiel. Are you with me so far?”

Zhovaer nodded. “No.”

Karen laughed and he smiled.

“I’ve obviously heard of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, and I met …”

“Yes, everyone has – heard of them.”

“The other names, Cassiel … and um ….”

“It’s ok. Cassiel is more behind the scenes because … he observes more than interacts. But on a whole, the three you stated and Cassiel are the light side of the Horsemen.”

“You mean the Four Horsemen … as in the bringers of the Apocolypse?”

Karen nodded. “Raphael and Michael are first generation. Gabriel and Cassiel are second. Not sure where everyone else lies. But they are the four: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Cassiel.”

“War, Death, Pestilence and Famine.”

“Actually that’s pretty much how Lucifer’s ranked them. Lucifer is actually an Arch Angel too.”

“I thought he was the Devil.”

“Well that’s what he is now. Remember I told you only one person ever got kicked out of Heaven.”

“Oh yeah. Did a really bad thing.”

“Yes.” She looked down.

“Can I ask what he did?”

“Lucifer was God’s right hand, helper, and confidant. Until God created The Beloved. Lucifer became jealous, and then bitter. He tried to take over Heaven by trying to turn The Beloved against God. He failed and fled to here; he reshaped it, created Hell, and then his four Generals.” She shivered.

“Anyway, the next two generations are the High Angels, who are often regarded as Arch Angels: Israfil, Azrael, Barachiel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Haniel and Chamuel. Their names aren’t exact and actually change according to culture. Terrans are unable to pronounce their names because they never had that ability. It’s why I can’t pronounce your name correctly. God then created Terrans … Earthlings. The people of the planet they call Earth. They are mortal, all of them. They have a beginning and an end. Hopefully this will start to sound familiar.”

Zhovaer sighed but said nothing.

“No Terran has ever heard the actual voice of God. She speaks to them through her angels. A pure Terran would cease to exist at hearing the actual voice of God.”

“You’re a Terran?”

“Nope! Listen. Because Terrans revered God but were unable to communicate directly and the Arch Angels and High Angels had some difficulty, the Angels were created. Three generation that are categorized in their own hierarchies according to what they do. These have had less direct contact with the people of Earth than the Arch Angels because they communicate through other means.”

“Are you an angel?”

“No! Stop! I told you before I’m not and you’re not letting me finish.”

“I’m just trying to understand.”

“Fine. Angels, seraphim, cherubs … they were all created by either God or the Arch Angels. Then come the Saviors; they are led by the highest of the Half-Breeds.”

“And who would that be?”

“The Son. Now hush!”

“Ok, yeah, that makes sense. Jesus Christ is called Savior.”

She nodded. “Yes, but do you know why he’s called that?”

“He died and rose three days later.”

Karen shook her head.


“He ‘died’ and descended into Hell. While there, he rescued souls that had gone to Hell who shouldn’t have been there and took them back to Heaven. After he ascended, he, God and the Arch Angels created the other Saviors. It’s their job to …”

“… go through Hell and save those who don’t belong.”

“Yeah.” She grinned brightly. “After that come the rest of the Half-Breeds. As the name suggests, these are half Angels and half Terran. They don’t actually have a hierarchy, but many just put them in order. Some are able to pronounce the Arch Angels’ and Angels’ names.”

“And what do these other Half-Breeds do?”

“Terrans know them as saints, prophets, religious icons. After Half-Breed come the Guardians.”

“Like Guardian Angels?”

“That’s exactly who they are. Then comes The Forgotten. They aren’t Angels or Terran. Some were created, some were born. There are only 144 of these. Just like Guardians take care of Terrans, The Forgotten have the job of taking care of the Saviors.”


“Now, the other side…”

“Oh, I should have known there was more to it.”

She gave him a look but continued. “Lucifer ranks himself as equal to God, high above all his minions. He also goes by Satan and Beelzebub. Right under him, the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Death, Pestilence, Famine and War.”

“Yeah, yeah. We already went over that.”

She frowned. “He has generals: Belial, Asmodeus, Laviathan, Mammon and Belphegor. They’re sometimes called the princes of Hell, but in all honesty, Lucifer doesn’t give many any powers. These high demons are usually associated with the deadly sins.”

Zhovaer thought for a moment after she finished. “So, why do I need to remember all this?”

“Because it leads to why you do what you do.”

“Why people … souls are saved from Hell?”

“Yes.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “When the day comes, the end of days, the final war between God and Lucifer, everyone in Hell will be forced to fight for Lucifer.”

“If you’re in Heaven you don’t have to fight?”

“No. You have a choice, but most will. Not so much here. It’s why he has his demons go out and drag people to Hell, so he has an advantage.”

“Ok, ok.” Zhovaer shook his head then put a hand to his brow. “Saying that I’ll even remember any of this, or if any of this is even true, why did I forget?”

“Eventually memories are erased. It’s how Lucifer keeps people here.”

“Terrans get dragged to Hell, they forget everything but negative memories and emotions so they get stuck here, and they get rescued.”

“Or turned. A lot of the demons who ‘recruit’ were once Terrans.”

He thought again. “So, I’m Terran?”

Karen laughed. Even upset and confused as he was, he thought it sounded nice. “Goodness no! You are a Savior.”

“So I was travelling Hell trying to help those who were tempted and sent here but more than likely shouldn’t be. And you…”

“She is Forgotten.”


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8 thoughts on “Short Stories: Savior

  1. I really like all the classes with the angels and demons. You have a great Imagination, this plot is really cool. I like how you take a spin with the Christian Religion and all it’s stories. So the main character is a savior and the girl is his forgotten. I like where this is going. So they eventually will go to hell and fight lucifer.

    Liked by 1 person

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