Short Stories: Savior

I will be honest with you – I actually didn’t originally have this part of the story written out. It wasn’t even a thought or idea until this week. I actually panicked thinking I needed something that I didn’t have.

And then it came to me. I’ve tweaked it quite a bit from its original form.

The photo I’m using for this is called Chapel of Magi – Florence and is listed as Self-portrait of Benozzo Gozzoli. It can be found at

There is a part two to the speech.



“I’m going to let you in on a little secret.” A soft and low voice stated from behind the two Arch Angels. Metatron blinked in surprise. He hadn’t realized that there were more here. Michael and Raphael moved one step to the left and right (respectively) to allow Cassiel to be seen. He smiled, bowed and then walked past Michael, Raphael, Konnor and Karen and made a bee-line for Metatron.

“What secret could you possibly hold that I don’t know?” The Beloved asked.

Cassiel continued as though uninterrupted. “When God came here, here being our little part of existence, she was trying to fulfil something. And I’m using ‘she’ as a pronoun for God because the ‘he’ pronoun has been used way too many times – as has been said before, God is neither male nor female, God just is. God is a perfect balance. It’s something that Terrans will never understand and they have been trying to for millennia upon millennia.”

“I’ve heard the tale of The Beginning….”

Cassiel raised a hand to stop Metatron’s words. “We are by far neither the oldest nor youngest area of life; but whether we are allowed to find these other areas will depend on a number of things, most of which have not been divulged to me, to anyone here, or anyone currently existing that I’m aware of.”

Behind him Raphael motioned for Michael to stay put while he walked over to Konnor, keeping his eyes on the motionless Samael as he did.

“But I digress. God came here, needing to fulfil something. And God created everything that you see before you and behind you, above you and below you – up to a point. Because that’s all God needed at the time. It wasn’t instantaneous and it hasn’t ceased.” As he spoke, Cassiel motioned in the different directions with his arms, all the while keeping his eyes on The Beloved, who quietly followed his motions.

“God then realized that she needed help. She created Lucifer and then you. And she loved you both because you were her creations and she thought – she despaired that she wouldn’t be able to create anything that would bring company to her – only areas. And there was still balance, within God and within the areas that she made. But she wasn’t finished – she just didn’t know what else she needed to do, not just yet.”

“I remember that day, I remember when I first opened my eyes and saw God …” The look on the Beloved’s face was awesome to behold.

“But Lucifer thought she was finished when she made him and couldn’t fathom why she had to create you. You see, although God is perfect, when you give a part of yourself to create something entirely different, it’s only a part of yourself, it’s never a whole. So God’s creations were not entirely perfect, but they were wonderful in God’s eyes and she thought them to be perfect.

“So she gave both of you gifts to show you how much she loved you and how perfect she thought you were. To Lucifer she gave great beauty, to you, Metatron, she gave great love. But her gifts weren’t perfect – no I take that back. Her gifts were perfect, but when her creations – being you and Lucifer – accepted, took them and made them your own, they lost their perfection because God’s creations could only make them as perfect as they were, and they were not perfect. Are you with me so far?” He smiled softly at Metatron, then turned his attention around to the others in the area, even Samael who was still astride his steed and still a ways off from the others.

“She created Lucifer first. I thought …”

Cassiel shook his head. “God was perfectly content, at that time. But she saw that her creations weren’t; she had come to the next step of her fulfilment – her creations needed that as well. So she gave them the ability to create as well. Lucifer did nothing for a while – contemplating perhaps? You’d have to ask Lucifer. But you, Metatron, when God gave you the ability to create – well, you couldn’t be stopped. Together, you and God created us: the Arch Angels and High Angels.” Again, he motioned around, to himself, Raphael and to Michael. “So yes, in a sense Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and I are children of you and God – if you want to go by Terran definitions. Angels, we don’t have that definition, we just are.”

“And we thought you to be perfect. I … I remember that feeling, I remember that moment. It was … perfect.”

“Thank you, but no, we weren’t, not really, even though you are – or rather God is. We had and have only a part of God and part of you, so absolute perfection has eluded us. But we were and still are content. God loves all her creations and she hoped that you would come to know that love too as she had gifted you with that. Were you?”

“For a while I think I was. We went on creating.”

“Yes, because it brought you both such joy. And after a time even Lucifer created … to a point. Up until just before he fell he had a hand in creation. Not all of his creations were bad or evil.”

“No, he was beauty. He still is.” Metatron turned and looked over his shoulder past Samael – in the direction he thought Lucifer had gone to. “Some of his creations still bring wonder.”

The Archangel nodded. “Lucifer was banished from … ‘Heaven’ for lack of a more understandable term. But he took with him something that was so precious that it affected God to this day. He took with him part of your love – and with that love was trust in how God felt about her creations. And unfortunately, it’s that portion of your love that attracts all love – what the Terrans now call temptation. Because their own love, their part of love, the miniscule portion that they have handed down to them after millennia, that is still attracted to the original source, and part of that source resides with Lucifer, though a greater portion of it still lives strong within you, Metatron.”

The Beloved turned back to Cassiel, such sadness in his eyes. He opened his mouth as though to respond, but no words issued forth, not even the song that nearly all of God’s creations sing.

“It’s this part that Lucifer uses from time to time to lure you from God’s side in the hopes of being able to lure more to him so that when he feels the time is right, he will be able to take over – to banish God the way she banished him for what he did to her.”

“What did he do to her?”

Cassiel shook his head and lowered his eyes. “I never saw and I’ve never been told. I don’t think anyone has. There’s only here say. But God stopped talking aloud after that moment. God’s voice is creation and destruction, but after the first time you left her side, her ability to create diminished slightly.”

“I … no …”

“Please don’t misunderstand that – she still has that power above all else – and the Angels and all beings created by her and with them have that power – but she doesn’t speak because now her voice has more destruction than creation. Until that balance is restored. And there are those whose job it is to try to restore that – among other things.” Cassiel now motioned towards Karen and Konnor.

When Metatron looked over at them, he saw tears flowing down from beneath the sunglasses still on Konnor’s face. They dripped down, some of them succeeding on landing softly on her body.

“Hidden within them, while they go about doing their jobs, forgotten within them is that ability to find what was taken and return it to God.”

“How … why do you say this? How do you know this?” He kept his eyes on the twins but his heart ached now, the first time in a long time it had.

“We were all given gifts from God, although not as great as the gifts you received. The gift of observing and remembering is mine. The gift of healing is Raphael’s. It’s how he and I helped Gabriel create the Forgotten.”


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