Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

At one point I think I found the right picture for this chapter, but I’ve since lost it because I didn’t save it at the time I found it. I need to do that. This, however, is as close as I’ve come so far – it’s an actual screen shot from the game from

I apologize for being behind in my postings. End of year at work, finals at school, Girl Scouts and other life things have gotten in the way a little. Not to mention that yes, I’ve actually written some on my Savior: Chronicles stories. Not sure whether they’ll also be blog stories or published as I have two other pieces of work plus my Sanity story available.

Hope you enjoy this! Thanks for your patience.


Year 2, Day 21 – just before midnight in Hightown

It didn’t take them long to get from Anders’ clinic in Darktown to the Chantry in Hightown. The fact that they did so with absolutely no interference, interruptions or bloodshed, however, didn’t exactly sit well, though each was grateful for the reprieve. They entered Hightown slowly and cautiously, looking around for any signs of life.

The only one to see any movement, Anders ran off from the group amongst whispers of protest and practically sprinted up the stairs. The others took a slower pace, making sure the entire courtyard was clear. Anders was pacing when they made it to the top.

“Why did you…” Hawke started.

“I saw Karl go inside a few minutes ago. No Templars so far.” He stopped and looked at them. “Are you ready?”

“We didn’t see anyone suspicious out here. Let’s do this fast.”

“All right. I’ll handle the talking. You watch for Templars.”

They stood in the long hall of the Chantry. There were four large statues, two to the left and two to the right. Numerous candles surrounded these nearly twelve-foot behemoths, red candles that caused the statues to appear red, though they were probably copper color during the day. The men the statues portrayed held spears in one hand, and from the tip dangled lit braziers that emanated smoke rather than light – an incense to cleanse and purify the area.

Two doors stood between each pair, though what lay behind them was unknown to the party. In the distance were four marble pillars and a stone-brick hewn balcony upon which stood the altar. A red tapestry graced the wall along with numerous red candles. Further back and beyond the railing stood two more statues.

“When we find Karl, please, just let me talk to him.” Anders begged.

They made their way down the hall towards the pillars. As they came close they noticed mounted candle holders on them, each with a lit candle. These pillars also attached to two sets of stairs going up to the altar. Taking a chance, they decided to go up the right staircase. There was an alcove here, with lit braziers on each pillar. High tall thin windows let moonlight fall into the building. There was another door to the right and a small waiting area to the right of that.

And Karl.

He spoke as they approached, and Hawke immediately sensed something was wrong. “Anders. I know you too well. I knew you would never give up.”

“What’s wrong? Why are you talking like -?” The sheer emotion and panic in Anders’ voice was very visible.

Karl turned and faced the group. His eyes were devoid of life and there was a mark on his forehead. “I was too rebellious. Like you. The Templars knew I had to be … made an example of.”

It looked like Anders’ world crashed all around him. “No!” Thinking back, the others would describe the sight as his heart and soul breaking.

“How else will mages ever master themselves?” Karl’s monotone voice continued. “You’ll understand, Anders.” He shifted his eyes and looked behind the group. The motion made them all turn around in time to see Templars approaching them. “As soon as the Templars teach you to control yourself.”

Anders turned and faced his enemy as Karl motioned in his direction. “This is the apostate.”

Anders was too distraught for words. This was his worst nightmare come to life. Everything was spinning out of control. And then Justice took over. Anders’ eyes suddenly burned bright blue and he cried out again. “No!” Hawke took a step back, recognizing the voice from just hours earlier; Varric also noticed the difference, but none were prepared for what transpired.

He couldn’t lose control, couldn’t become the monster they thought all mages were. Those were his thoughts as he sank to his knees and let Justice burst through; and burst through he did. Hawke felt the shockwave when Justice came out. An almost inhuman flame surrounded Anders and it looked as though his skin were cracking and would completely break apart. The brown eyes were now blue, completely blue – no iris, no pupil, only a glow. And that voice, the same voice they heard when they first met the mage now took shape and appeared to regard them all as the enemy with just one single sentence:

“You will never take another mage as you took him!”


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