Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

This picture is a screen shot from the game, complete with choice selection. It came from Rescue the Princess!’s channel at


Year 2, Day 21 – midafternoon in Lowtown

“All right. Where do we start on this?” Hawke asked.

“First thing’s first. We pay a visit to Lirene.” Varric replied as he led them out of his residence. Once they left the room, and the tavern proper, the mid-afternoon sun greeted them. Varric re-read the document he brought while the others fanned out around him to catch a peek of what he held. “Directions to our next point of contact.” He explained as he motioned to the right. Following his hand, they cast searching eyes up the stairs and passed a few merchants.

He then started walking, making the others follow quickly. “Over there, Hawke! She sells Ferelden Imports.” Varric stated happily as he pointed off towards the right.

True enough, when they got to the top of another flight of stairs and turned the corner, there was a worn nearly dilapidated sign over a rusted door: Lirene’s Ferelden Imports. Their progress was slowed when they opened the door so it took them a few minutes to enter the small barely stocked shop. Cramped in an overpopulated room, they squeezed their way towards a wall lined floor to ceiling with crates, boxes and urns with some makeshift tables in between – tables by way of a rotting planks of wood of varying sizes over some empty boxes. There was what looked like a chest on the floor to the left with a sign: Donation Box.

There were a few lanterns hanging on the walls, but not all of them were lit. Overhead were two hanging chandeliers but only one was lit. A line of people stood across from them at what was supposedly the merchant’s main table – again a plank of wood over boxes. A tired looking woman stood behind the table with her arms crossed over her chest. Behind her, another woman was set up her wares in the corner.

“Everyone please just step back!” She said loudly.

“My mother’s in labor! The baby’s coming early. Can anyone help her?” One of the people in line asked.

“I’ll send word to the healer, but -”

“My son’s hurt bad. Cart overturned on him in the blasted Bone Pit.” Another person pushed his way forward interrupting her.

“Everyone in your turn. I promise, we have donations coming in. There will be food and medicine for all of you.” She continued loudly as Hawke and his comrades approached her. “If you’re seeking aid, leave your name with my girl.” She motioned to the woman in the corner. “We serve everyone here – no one came from Ferelden without trouble. But I can’t give priority to anyone who’s already found work and lodging.” She added placing a hand on her hip as she looked the party up and down. “Or is the City Guard now recruiting?”

“Is there a way we can help these people?” Hawke asked.

Her attitude change, but only slightly. “If you’ve coin to spare, we won’t turn it down. Donations go in the box up front. Anything else?”

“We hear you know where we can find a Ferelden Grey Warden.” Carver responded.

“Most of them died, but those who lived would be in Ferelden.” Defensive dark eyes shot out at the young warrior.

“Rumor has it, there’s one in our fair land now.” Varric offered.

“Only Ferelden Grey Warden I’ve heard of stopped the Blight by slaying the Archdemon herself and put a new queen on the throne. Then again, I heard she saved the town of Amaranthine from Darkspawn; but we’re out of the Blight’s path now. Why would you need a Warden?”

A random person in line waiting to be served piped up. “The healer was one of them once, wasn’t he? A Warden?”

Lirene sighed irritably. “Well he’s not now. And busy enough without answering fool questions about it.”

“Who are you protecting?” Aveline asked.

“Surely you see what our people face in Kirkwall. They have no jobs, no homes. Most can barely buy bread. Not everyone is as lucky as you. And the Healer, he serves them without thought for coin. He’s closed their wounds, cleansed their diseases, and delivered their children.”

“He sounds very busy, but we won’t be any trouble.” Merrill stated.

“He’s a good man. I won’t lose him to the blighted Templars.”

“You mean he’s a mage?” Varric asked.

“Great. Another delicate mage flower.” Carver grumped.

“I wouldn’t stick my neck out for some purveyor of hensbane and leeches. He doesn’t want to be locked up in the Gallows just for using the gifts the Maker gave him.”

“Your healer is in no danger from us.” Hawke assured her.

“Right. Perfectly safe if he cooperates.” Carver quietly added.

Lirene looked them up and down again, but focused on Hawke for a moment more than the others. “I suppose it isn’t my secret to keep. Anders has certainly been free enough with his services.”

For a moment a coldness went through Hawke at the sound of the name.

“Refugees in Darktown know – to find the healer, look for the lit lantern. If you have need enough, Anders will be within.”

They thanked Lirene and turned to leave as others in line started requesting services and complaining. Before they left, they donated fifty silvers.


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