Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

Another week has gone by and it seems that as the year’s end gets closer the busier things get. And of course trying to find a good pic to go with this chapter – well you get the idea. Originally I wanted a picture of my current characters in a meeting but I couldn’t find that. Instead, I found this map of Thedas from

Incidentally, Deviant Art has tons of great pic for Dragon Age … I think most of the rest of the ones I will use will come from there.

A Business Discussion

Year 2, Day 20 – just after noon in Lowtown

The group (that being Hawke, Carver, Aveline and Varric) watched Merrill until she melted into the crowed, then turned and made their way out of the Alienage leaving the young Dalish to herself at her request while she scoured the area for a residence.

“I wouldn’t worry about her too much, Carver.” Hawke stated as he clapped a comforting hand on his brother’s shoulder. “She’s a lot tougher than she seems. I’m sure she’ll find a place here in no time.”

Carver nodded. “I know. We did and we were no better off.”

“Hawke, I think it’s past time I went to fix my affairs. I need to head to The Hanged Man to check up on something but afterward we need to discuss things.” Varric stated optimistically as they made their way up the stairs from the Elven quarters.

Hawke nodded.

They each slowly made their ways toward their respective residences, ready for much needed rest and prepare for whatever new adventure Varric had found for them.

Year 2, Day 21 – early morning in Lowtown

Hawke and Carver entered The Hanged Man and were instantly pummeled by the smell of breakfast – whatever that entailed today. Pondering the decision of a meal or a drink, Hawke steered them towards the bar while Carver scanned their surroundings – an action that allowed him to notice Varric walking up the stairs back to his room. As he gained Hawke’s attention, he saw someone, maybe one of the barmaids, catch the dwarf’s attention and motioned in their direction; the cocky rogue nodded to her and then turned to face them, smiling and holding a couple of mugs in his hands. He motioned them to follow him to his room and the brothers made their way to the back passing by a few patrons who were discussing the recent Blight.

“So, here’s the thing: we need to find a way into the Deep Roads.” Varric said as he put the mugs on the table and started lighting some of the side torches in his residence. As Hawke and Carver looked around, they noticed a number of documents on the main table. They also saw Aveline and Merrill already there. Yes, somehow Merrill had found her way to The Hanged Man quite by accident. It was just as well, this way she would be less likely to get into trouble. As Varric walked over towards a rather large pile of paperwork, the women drew closer to the brothers and each grabbed a drink as the dwarf grabbed one particularly peculiar looking paper. “Bartrand can lead us to the right place once we’re down there, but we need a good entrance.”

“The three of us have fought Darkspawn, but we’ve never been to the Deep Roads.” Aveline said as she turned to Hawke to make sure, and was relieved when he affirmed it.

“That’s obviously beneficial, but I’d rather not encounter any if I can help it. Fortunately, I’ve received some new information.” The rogue continued as he shook the paper he was holding. “There’s a Grey Warden in the city. If anyone knows how to get down there, it’ll be him.”

“Why would a Grey Warden know that?” Carver asked.

“The Wardens don’t just fight Darkspawn, Junior; they forge into the Deep Roads all the time. And if this Warden doesn’t know a way in, he might be able to point us to those who do.”

“Are there any other options?” Aveline asked. “In case he’s not willing to help. Rumor has it Wardens guard their secrets rather closely.”

Varric sighed. “None at the moment. Bartrand had an entrance lined up, but it was a bust.”

“Well, we’ve enough to worry about with the Templars. We don’t want trouble with the Grey Wardens as well.” Hawke stated.

“Let’s look at our options, first. I’d rather not fight a Warden unless we have to. Supposedly, this Grey Warden came in with some other Ferelden refugees not long ago. A Lowtown woman named Lirene has been helping the Fereldens. We talk to her, maybe we learn where he is. Either way, I’ll keep looking, but if we don’t find something, we’ll have a fancy expedition with nowhere to go. I’ll also keep after my contacts – see if I can drum up any other work.”

“We appreciate that Varric.”

“The city guard can always use your help as well, Hawke.” Aveline added.

Carver grinned. “Well with you leading them now, we’ll be sure not to get stiffed on payments.” He stopped smiling when she looked at him stone-faced.

“He does have a point, Aveline.” Hawke came to his brother’s defense. “As much as I love helping out the city, we do have to survive and we need this venture to do it.”

The captain relaxed slightly and nodded.


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