Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

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I’m late, but here is the latest chapter in my Dragon Age II series. The picture is a screen shot but comes from

I’m sorry that I still don’t have another chapter in my Sanity series, but I’ve started working on that in between school and life and hope to have something relatively soon.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Long Way Home

Year 2, Day 14 – early morning in Lowtown

Hawke stood in the center of the room he shared with his brother, Carver, busily reorganizing his things, looking over weapons, books, parchments while trying to find anything he could possibly sell. Things had been a little slow lately but he still needed to raise the fifty sovereigns for the expedition.

Carver walked in with a few items of his own that he was willing to ‘donate to the cause’. “Hey, what’s that?” He asked as he dumped his equipment on Hawke’s bed.

Hawke sighed in exasperation at Carver’s action but quickly looked around, slightly worried. “What?” He asked as he moved towards his brother and bed.

Carver reached over the items he deposited and grabbed hold of a chain that appeared to be stuck to something. “What’s got it?”

They both moved items around until whatever had a hold of the chain relinquished it and Carver held it up for them to see. “That … looks familiar.” Carver said looking it up and down.

“It does … it should.” He reached over and pulled it out of Carver’s grasp. “It’s the payment for the debt of saving our lives back in Lothering.”

“The witch…”

“Let’s see how we can fulfill this.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Hawke put the item in his side pouch. “Grab Varric and Aveline; they’d be the ones to know exactly where the Dalish are, plus we may need the extra hands around just in case.”

Carver nodded, grabbed his weapon and the two left. They first went over to The Hanged Man to see Varric. Upon entering, Hawke recalled what Varric had once said to him about the establishment and motioned to his brother towards the back stairs. They both stopped when they saw Varric himself walking down the stairs from his residence; needless to say he noticed them right away.

“Hawke! Good news my friend. I believe I’ve procured you some employment!” He said as soon as they were close.

Hawke smiled. “Sounds grand, Varric, but we’ve have a promise to keep that’s been a bit long overdue.”

“Oh? Do tell?”

“We need to find Dalish.” Caver didn’t sound too thrilled. He probably would have jumped at Varric’s news.

“Dalish you say. I’ve heard there’s a clan of them up Sundermount. What do you need them for?”

“I have to deliver something to the Dalish leader.”

“Well now, this does put a damper on what I had planned for today. But, a promise is a promise.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“I guess we should see if Aveline can go with us?” Carver asked.

Hawke nodded. “And the sooner the better. If they’re that far away, it’ll be a long trek.”

As it turned out, Aveline was looking forward to something different and happily agreed to accompany the men to Sundermount. They left the city around noon and the outskirts that were a rocky terrain, just like every place outside of Kirkwall about an hour after that.

Year 2, Day 16 – early evening Sundermount

The path wound around outcroppings, where numerous evergreens sprouted. Stubbles of grass and other fauna dotted the area. Both Varric and Aveline’s sources pointed to this specific area of the mountainous terrain as the temporary home of the closest Dalish clan.

As they made their way, Varric, with occasional interjections from Aveline, informed the brothers of the Dalish: elves who consider themselves the last of the great and magnificent race of elvhen and therefore preferred to keep to their own. Because of this, they tend to avoid or just outright refuse to socialize with humans, although they do encounter human travelers from time to time. Their nomadic clans wander throughout Thedas in aravels – special wagons with large triangular sails and rudder-like devices on their back. These vehicles use both magic and a type of horn stag called Halla to move effortlessly through the forests.

Led by their Keepers, or spiritual leaders, they believe themselves to have the purest blood from the time of Arlathan, the ancient primary city of the elven civilization that was destroyed by the Tevinter Imperium. They still revere the elven pantheon and each member will tattoo the symbol of their chosen god on their face.

As Hawke’s party made their way, they passed by what appeared to be ancient ruins, although it wasn’t known what people used to live there. There were a couple of incidents with some giant scavenger spiders, but otherwise their passage was unhindered. On the other side of the ruins, still under the fading light of the setting sun, were two red banners that appeared to have Halla skulls imprinted on them. Aveline motioned towards them and they went to investigate. Hopefully, they had come to the right clan.


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