Other Stories: Sanity

It may be a little bit before I come up with the next chapter in this story. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles and feel that I of course don’t know half the things I thought I did about this. So what started out as just basically fiction feels like it’s going to turn into something – more interesting. I hope.

All I ask is that you please bear with me while I find my muse for this story again.

As you know, I don’t like posting pics with actual people in it unless they’re pretty much famous or their drawings or anime or clip art. Today’s picture I thought was fairly appropriate and ironically not something I would have ever conceived. It’s from deadshirt.net and appears to be a section from the comic Ultimate Spider Man. For those who don’t know (like me) that is actually Gwen Stacy slapping Spider Man – although in this version his name is Miles Morales and not Peter Parker. Whoda thunk? According to the site (http://deadshirt.net/2013/06/21/ultimate-spider-man-the-slap-that-broke-the-spiders-back/), this is “From Ultimate Spider-Man v.2 #24, pencils by David Marquez”

He was sitting at one of the smaller tables, pushing around the food currently on his plate, but not eating when she walked in to join the lunch crowd. Her first reaction was of surprise. Three weeks after they discovered him, they were finally able to coax him out of his room.

“You God-damned, mother fucking, son of a bitch!”

He turned, not because he was curious about the scream, which started out like a low growl and ended in a semi-high-pitched yell, but because it sounded somewhat familiar.

He felt her open palm hit his cheek before he saw her.

She looked as bad as he felt.

Her blue eyes were fevered and red rimmed, like she had been crying. He gingerly touched his cheek as two of the orderlies, Jimmy and … Vince? He couldn’t remember the name, but they both came running at them. Behind them he saw one of the nurses on the phone and another, Valerie maybe, coming around the corner.

Everyone else, all the other patients, and there weren’t many, had moved away from them.

He felt someone grab his arms at the same time that Jimmy took hold of Val and pulled her away. She had been ready to hit him again and he would have let her. “No, no don’t hurt her.” He heard his voice croak and crack.

She sounded almost incoherent as she continued screaming at him. “You! You fucking …. You took her away from me! You took her! Where is she?”

He reached out his hand to her, only to have someone grab it and push it down. “Please, don’t hurt her, she’s…”

“Marcus move back!” He heard Dr. Thomas’ voice and saw him and another nurse come running. She was carrying a syringe, which meant one thing.

Marcus now struggled a bit against the arms that were holding him. “No! Don’t! She’s fine, she’s just upset!”

But she wasn’t and he knew it. She continued screaming, crying and clawing, trying to get back at him for … what? Taking her away? Who?

No, not who. What.

That thing he saw her with that night.


She continued crying when Dr. Thomas injected the sedative into her, but it still took both orderlies to restrain her.

“Marcus, c’mon, man! Back up, let it go, let’s go.” He heard Clyde next to him. Marcus trusted Clyde, he was one of the few he could talk to and the only one voluntarily who went for walks with him. Clyde knew all about his feelings for the now raving creature before him.

But she wasn’t raving anymore. She was on her knees, still crying but no longer screaming.

Jimmy and Vince were putting a restraint on her while Dr. Thomas and Dr. Summers, the one who Val affectionately called “The Bitch” supervised. Dr. Monisht and a couple of other nurses were working on getting the other patients out of there and back to whatever semblance of normal they had been in.

“Let’s get you back to your room, Marcus man.” Clyde said softly.

Marcus shook his head. “No, no not yet. I don’t want to hear the scratching.”

That set Val off again, but not as intense. Instead she wailed. “You have her! She doesn’t want me anymore, you took her from me! Give her back! Please, I … I need her! Please!”

She was wiggling around, her eyes stuck on Marcus as he was trying his hardest to not look at her. Clyde led him away, but Marcus still heard her voice.

They were outside the common room and heading back to Marcus’ room when he finally spoke.

“I don’t want her.” He said.

“Tell me ‘bout it, man. She a complete one-eighty right now.” Clyde responded, thinking Marcus was talking about Val.

“No, no not Val. Val’s … no I don’t want Krystal … I don’t … don’t take me back to the room Clyde, please.”

“Oh man, don’ be starting this shit again. You is one step away from them puttin’ you upstairs!”

“Krystal’s there.”

“Shit, this is Jan all over again.”

Marcus stopped, which caused Clyde to yank his arm, but he stopped too. “Jan? Jan saw Krystal too?”

“Look man, this ain’t the time and … man! Listen! You don’ need this shit. Ok? You just startin’ to come out of it, don’ go pulling this here Jan shit and git sent back. Remember, your sister’s weddin’s in three weeks.”

Marcus heard and nodded but he didn’t care. “Take me to the couch?”

“Val’s going to the couch right now.”

“Just, please, I can’t go back to my room.”

“Marcus, man don’ make me drug yo ass too.”


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