Other Stories: Sanity

I want to apologize because this could have been better, but I had to break half-way to do my school finals. Inspiration didn’t come back to me until tonight so the story itself sounds half-assed even though it’s moving where I kind of want it – more or less.

Today’s picture is courtesy of the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at http://www.carla.unm.edu. I think it’s one of their clip arts.

I do want to thank the people who are following this story-line. Again, I hope not to offend anyone by it.

“I’m a little disappointed, Marcus.”

“How so doc?”

Marcus was sitting on the couch, the same couch that Val had been sitting on the day before, although he actually didn’t know it. Dr. Thomas was doing his counseling today for some unknown reason that Marcus didn’t really care about.

“I heard there was an altercation yesterday between you and Val.”

Marcus grinned and shifted on the couch, trying to get comfortable. “Well I wouldn’t call it an altercation doc.”

“One of our orderlies filed an incident report.”

“What? No wait! I didn’t … “

“Val read over it and signed it.” He pulled out a paper and handed it to Marcus.

He blinked and tensed, then sat up a little straighter as he took the paper and looked over it. “She … said I assaulted her?”

“Thankfully those aren’t the words she used, but …”

“Well, what words did she use?”

Dr. Thomas was looking over notes written in Marcus’s file that pertained to Val. “She said she wants that … well I won’t say exactly what she said … “

“You can cuss Doc.”

“That’s not the point … she doesn’t want you near her. And I have to keep my patients safe and on track with their progress. You’re the first person since Jan who’s touched her and I honestly don’t want another Jan incident.”

“Who is this Jan? She mentioned her yesterday and … someone else.”

Dr. Thomas cleared his throat. “You don’t have to worry about the other person – that’s not the point though. We’ve changed your lunch time…”

“Aww Doc! C’mon.”

“No come-ons. She may not have immediate family, but someone is paying for her to remain here…”

“She’s a prisoner?”

The doctor sighed. “I mean her finances are being taken care of by an unknown benefactor, and I don’t think they’d appreciate knowing that she was attacked by another patient.”

“Jan attacked her?”

“You know better than that Marcus.”

“Hey Doc, listen, I would never hurt her …”

“You have made progress since you first arrived.”

Marcus frowned, it wasn’t what he meant, but he continued. “… if she’s a danger or is the cause of danger…”

“I assure you that she’s no danger to anyone, provided she’s left alone.”

“Doc, I’ve never met anyone like her before.”

“Marcus I’m sure there are plenty of blue-eyed girls in your life. But as it stands, we cannot allow you to jeopardize either of your treatments. The decision stands.”

He huffed. “Fine. So now what?”

“Now we get down to business …”

Marcus blinked at the sound of loud snapping and then flinched seeing thick, stubby fingers so close to his face. “What the fu … Ray-Ray!”

“Hey! You the one MIA here man.” The big man said as he lowered his hands. “You are supposed to be here to get better, not get worse! Sull’s trying his damnest to keep things under wraps.”

Marcus was walking outside on the campus grounds with his best friend, Ray Reynolds – Ray-Ray – one of the few unsupervised visits he was allowed to have. He knew Ray-Ray had been talking about what was going on in the real world but his thoughts were constantly drawn back to his session this morning with Dr. Thomas. “Wait, what about Sull?”

Ray-Ray looked around like he was expecting an attack. “TMZ man! They either have a man here on the inside or they’re paying someone bucks to find out shit on you!” His voice wasn’t as loud as it had been a minute ago but it wasn’t exactly hushed either.

“So much for doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“It’s like the song says, man. It’s all about the money, money, money!” Despite the fact he was obnoxious at times, Ray-Ray actually had a good singing voice.

“Why you picked sports over singing I’ll never know.”

Ray-Ray flipped him off. “I am being serious, man! Word gets out you assaulted a patient …”

“I didn’t assault her! Or anyone! I …” Marcus looked down. “I … just … I wanted to talk to her.”

“Ladies’ man you are not. Just lay low, stay clean! Be good and you have a shot at getting out early. Then you can have your pick of any woman.”

Marcus stopped walking and looked at his friend. It was nearly time to go back in for dinner and then evening group sessions. “I … you’re right, man, you’re right. I should just ignore everything here and …”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t pull that mush shit on me. I’ve known you too long. Just behave!”

“Sull ever gonna come see me?”

Ray-Ray shrugged. “Not his cup of tea I guess. Says his main job’s getting the bad press off you. There are still three teams interested in you and he wants to make sure that don’t shrink.”

Marcus nodded. “You got practice tomorrow.”

“Oh fuck! Yeah! Thanks!” Ray-Ray looked at his watch. “I gots ta go! But hey! I’ll be back again, soon. I promise! Oh yeah! I brought you something from Mom … had to leave it with Nurse Ratchett.”

“Thanks, man. I owe you.” They fist-bumped and did a hand-shake they had been doing since the second grade. Then Marcus watched his best friend head out of the garden area – the only place they had been allowed to walk – and disappear. He sighed, and turned to look at the building. “Val, you are gonna be the death of me.” He said softly before he walked inside.


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