Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

Today’s pic is as I understand it a screen shot but I found it on I found a number of other fan fictions regarding some of the characters in my story but I guess that’s to be expected. I haven’t read any of their stories, and I haven’t played Inquisition yet because I don’t want my story influenced. It probably won’t link or click with any of them but that’s how it goes.

I know it gives a bit away but again, thanks to my lack of artistic talent I can’t be too choosy as I beg.

More Questions

“Cassandra really found it necessary for you to describe their fighting Darkspawn?” The elf walked out of the kitchen area with two plates and set one before the dwarf before walking back to his own seat. Outside the noise level was quieting as people stopped what they did to eat lunch.

Varric shrugged. “I’m sure she was more interested in other, more revealing things than the way Hawke cast spells or how Aveline held her shield while they fought. But she said she wanted the whole story.”

“I find that slightly odd, even for her.”

“Well, I finally said that they battled wave after wave of Darkspawn, at least two different types if memory serves – to which she relented if only to find out what happened next.”

“But, wait. What you just said. Mother never met Bethany?”

“No. Only Aveline had that honor. She was gone long before I met that family.”

“But, the way she spoke about her whenever she would tell me about the Hawke family …”

“Part of the knowledge she had she gleaned from Hawke and Leandra. Aveline barely knew her, but gave what little input she had. Junior rarely spoke about her and … from what your mother would tell me about their time together, his attentions were elsewhere.”

Small Fry nodded and then frowned. “She seemed to have more personal information about Bethany than what you’ve let on though Uncle.”

“I’m sure you will quickly figure out how she knew. But if not, just give me a chance and I’ll let you in on her secret. If I jumped forward too much I’ll leave something out.”

“I was very young when Mother … when I lost her; but I’ve heard that the pain of a parent losing a child … it’s nearly unbearable.”

“Well, siblings don’t fare as well either. Something about the way she died triggered something in Hawke. It can’t be said that he snapped because he didn’t. When people snap, they change, completely. They become someone they never used to be. Hawke stayed the same. Only, he was now more determined than ever to bring everyone to their destination alive and in one piece. He owed Bethany that much.”

“And Carver?”

“Junior ran at it, trying to help Hawke. Of course he was affected – Bethany was his other half after all. She was who mediated conflicts between them.”

“A role Mother seemed to have inherited to an extent.”

Varric nodded. “To an extent. Leandra was in denial about it at first, constantly begging her to wake up. She then blamed Hawke for her death; saying he let her charge off after the ogre. Junior couldn’t blame his brother like she did.”

“Mother said Leandra never stopped blaming others, and herself, for Bethany’s death.”

“No, she never did. And this is jumping ahead a little, but after she met your Mother, Leandra almost started clinging to her.”

The elf opened his mouth and was about to nod in agreement, but stopped and looked at Varric with extreme confusion in his eyes. “I don’t understand, Uncle. Cling to Mother? I knew the others would turn to her as they did to Hawke – I saw it first-hand on a couple of occasions. But, to honestly cling to her ….”

“Think about it Small Fry. She had just lost a daughter, and your Mother – for whatever reason – seemed to fill a void within her. Again, that’s jumping ahead a bit and I digress. After the battle Wesley returned and commended Bethany’s soul to the Maker giving her a little solace. Leandra had been cradling Bethany’s head while Wesley said the prayer but before he finished, she lowered the girl’s head gently to the ground, fixed her long, brown hair then gently touched the sides of her face.”


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