Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

This posting is mostly cut scene from the game, with very little change. The picture is one I edited using screen shots from the game.

An Extra Blade and a Way to Go

“I am Aveline Vallen. This is my husband, Ser Wesley. We can hate each other when we’re safe from the horde.” Wesley turned away from the group and walked back to Aveline. Hawke turned away and walked back to his family.

He then turned back to face the couple. “A strange time to be hunting apostates. His fellows left with the Chantry priests.” He pointed at Wesley. “So long as you know, I stand with Bethany, Templar.”

“Understood.” He responded. “I was traveling to Denerim on business for the Order but I had to turn south when I heard of Ostagar.”

“Bad luck – and judgment – brought us together here before the attack.” Aveline stated, looking from her husband to the group.

Hawke nodded. “You’re quick to offer your allegiance.”

Bethany walked over to Hawke and lowered her voice for only him to hear her quip. “The nice Templar has been convinced to postpone his hunt for illegal mages. So let’s not dwell upon it, shall we.”

“Another blade between us and the Darkspawn? Yes please.” Carver remarked.

“So long as the horde is their first concern.” Bethany added.

“My duty is clear…” Wesley noted, “…but that is for another day. If we are granted that opportunity.”

“We will be fine. We all will.” Aveline said optimistically.

“For a while it looked like we were the only ones to escape the Darkspawn.” Leandra said.

“We aren’t free of them yet. You didn’t see Ostagar. This is just the start.” Carver stated.

“You were there?” Aveline asked. “Yes, I see it now. Third company, under Captain Varel.”

“Then you saw how the whole of the army was defeated.” Carver added.

“We fell to betrayal, not the Darkspawn. This arm of the horde will not have the same advantage.”

As Aveline and Carver spoke of Ostagar, Hawke was studying Wesley. “How bad is that wound?”

Wesley looked down at his injured arm. “I think my sword arm’s a loss, even with healing.”

Aveline walked up to him, a soft smile played over her lips. “Then you will have mine. As always.

“For now, we move with you.” Aveline stated looking back at the family. “North is cut off. We barely escaped the main body of the horde.”

“Then … we’re trapped!” Carver stated. “The Wilds are to the south! That’s no way out!”

Hawke looked back at his brother. “We have no choice. The Darkspawn have us fenced in. We go south.”

He started walking in the direction he stated, the others slowly following after him, save Leandra. While Aveline, Carver and Hawke had been discussion direction, the realization hit her. She put her palms together and raised her hands to her head. They were leaving; they had been forced to flee and now had nothing and nowhere to go. She shook her head and turned to look back on the only home they had known for the past ten years. After a moment, she turned her back on the burning ruins of Lothering and followed the others.

There wasn’t an end to the fighting, and chances were there wouldn’t be one until they reached Gwaren, if they reached the port town at all. And with the way things were looking, they wondered if the town still stood. They hadn’t heard anything, but the attack on Lothering was quick – even though it was known for a while; it was very possible that if Gwaren fell it would be just as fast.

The two mages and two warriors fought on. Wesley stayed back with Leandra. True he wouldn’t be any good against a small group, but he could still defend the woman with one-on-one battles. The others, however, had no intention of letting that happen. He would be Leandra’s last resort.

They had just finished a rather decent sized battle when Aveline looked around. “Quickly, before they regroup. We must press forwards towards the Wilds.”

Hawke nodded, and then led them up a rather steep slope that opened up onto a large, unprotected area. They were half-way through it when the ground started shaking. They looked around, hoping to find the source of the disturbance.

The ground before them sloped down; they were on a small hill, very exposed and very vulnerable. As the trembling continued, they saw coming up the slope an ogre. Hawke and Aveline ran out of its way; Wesley jumped for cover. It stopped, roared, and then looked around for its prey.

It saw that in Leandra.

Bethany was in front of her mother, shielding her. “Maker, give me strength!” she said as she threw a fireball at the creature.

The ogre shrugged it off. Although it was hardly an alpha, it was more powerful than they initially realized. It grabbed hold of Bethany in its massive hands, lifted her up over its head and then slammed her down onto the ground.

Hawke said once that he hoped she was instantly killed.


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