Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

The picture doesn’t exactly tie in but it’s close enough. This is from

The ‘Whole’ Story

“I think it’s important that you know and understand how Hawke met everyone, including your mother. It could shed some lights into a few of his relationships with everyone and how they affected her.”

“That is something that you went over with Cassandra, Uncle.”

“To an extent, Small Fry. I … edited a few things, a few conversations; I especially did that after your mother arrived. I won’t go into detail of anything outside of first encounters unless it affects your mother.”

“Very well, Uncle. I suppose we can start with his first companion, Aveline if I’m not …”

“Au contraire; you are mistaken Small Fry.”

The elf blinked and looked at Varric with surprise. “That sounds like one of Mother’s words. There was someone before Aveline?”

“You focused too much on that picture I mentioned. Who else could have been with Hawke?” Varric grinned then continued before the elf could respond. “This is how I started answering the Seeker’s interrogation:

“The Blight had been unleashed on Ferelden. Darkspawn poured out of the Wilds, clashing against the army at the ruins of Ostagar. The battle … was a disaster. King Cailan Theirin, having ruled only five years and with no heir, died on the field with his men; he was betrayed by Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, his most trusted general and father-in-law. Unopposed, the horde marched on the village of Lothering. Its one-time advantage of location – at the edge of the Hinterlands, north of Ostagar and south of the Bannorn – became its doom. The village burned, and many innocents were slaughtered. The Champion’s family barely escaped in time…”

They had to fight their way forward. Bethany (18 and youngest of the Hawke siblings) continued casting her wall of fire; although it managed to hold the Darkspawn behind them, there were still plenty of scouts ahead of them. Even more were strewn over the hills and in the valleys that lined the way from Lothering through the Imperial Highway and into the Wilds.

“I’m not sure we can survive much more of this.” Matriarch Leandra Amell Hawke commented in between gasps. Although her graying long hair was tied back, it was wet with sweat; and with good reason. They had been running for a while and were passing by numerous corpses of people – some of whom they knew – who didn’t make it. Hearing the chilling screams of the Darkspawn as they attacked yet more people further head and a bit behind them didn’t help their morale.

“Wait!” Bethany called out as they ran, her soft doe eyes looking worriedly at the others. “Where are we going?” Everyone stopped and looked at her.

“Away from the Darkspawn. Where else?” Bethany’s twin brother Carver responded as he paced in a circle around the rest of the family. His nervous energy was apparent. At least Templars could sometimes be talked into ignoring them – the Darkspawn knew only to kill; they weren’t much for conversations.

“And then where?” she continued after giving him an unseen look. “We can’t just wander aimlessly!”

“Wherever we go, we stay together and alive. That’s the only thing we need to worry about right now.” Garrett, at 24 the eldest sibling, answered as he walked up to her. He gripped his staff tighter in his grasp and not wanting to be caught unaware, scanned their area.

Leandra looked to one side in thought as she tried to catch her breath, then back at Hawke when an idea presented itself. “We can go to Kirkwall.”

“What? Kirkwall? Are you sure that’s wise, Mother? Why would we go there?” Hawke asked somewhat shocked.

“There’s a lot of Templars in Kirkwall, Mother…” Bethany added.

“I know that, but we still have family there – and an estate.” she said looking at Bethany.

Bethany sighed. This didn’t sound like the best idea, but at present they had little choice. Her thoughts echoed Carvers – at least they could persuade Templars. “Then we need to get to Gwaren and take ship.”

“If we survive that long. I’ll just be happy to get out of here.” Carver said as he started walking off.

They recommenced their track, now with a clearer direction, but unfortunately with no less Darkspawn.

It was right around this time that they rounded a corner to find a couple in the midst of a battle. They were surrounded by Darkspawn but were holding their own fairly well. The red-haired woman wielded a long sword almost as well as Carver could wield his great sword. She was taking down quite a number of the creatures.

The man, in Templar armor and carrying a sword and shield was not doing as well as the woman. Although he did take down a few, he failed to see one come up behind him. It sliced his shield arm, causing the item to fall from his useless hand. It was all he could do to keep his balance and defend himself against the monster.

The Darkspawn that approached was blind-sided by the other person who had been battling them. The red-haired woman speared the creature, straddled it, punched it a couple of times for good measure then grabbed the sword the creature dropped and used it to sever its neck from its shoulders.

“You will not have him!” As the man looked on, she grabbed another sword and his shield and moved back towards him, making sure she faced the oncoming creatures. When she got to him, she helped him to his feet and spoke softly to him. “They will not have you.” They both faced their enemy. “Not while I breathe.”

Not privy to their exchange, Hawke and his family fought their way over to the couple. It didn’t matter who they were, no one deserved death by Darkspawn.

That first battle, when they met, didn’t last long. When the group approached them, the woman allowed the man to move from her grasp and lean against a rock outcropping while she did battle. When the fighting was over, she was able to better assess his injuries.

“Stop squirming, Wesley. You’ll make it worse.”

Wesley pushed himself away from the rock and looked directly at Hawke and Bethany. “Apostates, keep your distance.”

“Well, the Maker has a sense of humor. Darkspawn, and now a Templar. I thought they all abandoned Lothering.” Bethany said coldly.

“The ‘spawn are clear in their intent,” Wesley responded, “but a mage is always unknown. The Order dictates…” He took a step forward and then tried to steady himself to keep from falling.

The woman lowered her head. “Wesley.”

Without looking at her, Wesley continued, pointing at Hawke and Bethany. “These people are apostates. The Order dictates…” He started walking towards Bethany, but stopped when Hawke intercepted him and looked into his face.

“Dear, they save us. The Maker understands.” the woman said, trying to keep them from fighting each other.

Wesley tried to keep a strong appearance, but his wounds were apparently a bit more than the stance could handle. He backed off. “Of course.”


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