Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

Once again I am posting early, this time because I have a school paper due and don’t want to forget to do that or post my stories.

The picture I’m using here I found at, which is a really good ‘copy’ of what was in Cassandra’s book. Finally found a perfect pic! Yay me!

Unlike my previous two posts, this one’s mostly me. I’ve put in a couple of hints in it – I wonder if anyone can guess one of the two characters you’ve come across so far.


A Bit of a Stretch

“I would have agreed with her, Uncle. That story sounds…” The elf chuckled a little at first then crossed his arms over his chest. The merriment, however, never left his eyes, which Varric found ironic.

“Like a lie?”

“Like an exaggeration. Not entirely the truth.”

“You know, Small Fry, your mother once defended one of my tellings – as she called them. She told my accuser that the truth was based on a person’s point of view.”

“So saying how Hawke nearly single-handedly defeated a horde of Darkspawn… with only Carver by his side…”

“Ah, you remembered.”

“It’s not like Mother didn’t talk about him. But still…”

“Your mother would have said that my story was just emphasizing Hawke’s part, and that Junior represented everyone else in his life who he felt close to.”

“Junior.” Small-Fry huffed. “Something tells me she did say that, though without your descriptive nicknames. So, what happened? Why not include … why hide everyone?”

“I wasn’t hiding everyone, only a couple of people. You know that picture I saw in that book?”

The elf nodded.

“The picture drawn there: six portraits arranged in a hexagon surrounding Hawke’s photo. Ah! I remember it like I saw it yesterday – and the thoughts that came to me as I looked upon those faces again. Rivaini, your father, me, Aveline, Daisy and Blondie. I was surprised at the amount of detail put into them. But, there were a few people who weren’t there.”

“But, there were a few people who weren’t there.”

“Such as?”

“Well, aside from your mother, it left out the Choir Boy, Shivs and Maraas.”

“Seriously, Uncle, your nicknames …”

Varric laughed. “Their personalities dictated their names, Small Fry, not me.”

“All right, Uncle.” He put his hand to his head for a moment as he tried to decipher the names. “Maraas – the Tal-Vashoth? He helped Hawke?”

“Only for a little bit, nothing too extreme. But being the person he is, or maybe was if rumor is true, I didn’t include him much in my tale.”

“Wait, he made you promise not to say anything about him…”

“Oh, I never promised. He just asked that I not make too much of his association. So I didn’t. Never said I wouldn’t mention him at all.” Varric smirked.

“Interesting play on words. Ok, I give up, Uncle. Who are Choir Boy and Shivs?”

“Oh the esteemed Prince of Starkhaven and our Elven Qunari.”

“Ah, yes, I had forgotten about Sebastian, but I’m not all too familiar with Tallis. Mother didn’t have much dealing with her if I recall … and Sebastian on when …”

“Well, don’t jump ahead of me again Small Fry. I’ll get to that soon enough.”

The elf nodded. “Tell me, would you have corrected Cassandra, or have her book she cherished re-written?”

“Cherished you say?” Varric leaned forward and seemed intrigued.


He sighed and sat back. “I saw no point in it. And what would I have gained had I told her? Her gratitude? Hardly worth the costs. I didn’t stop there.” Varric smirked as he recalled the conversation. “She wanted to hear the truth, from me, because I knew him even before he became the Champion.”

“You knew them all.”

“I did indeed, in more ways than I’d care to relate. But at the time of her ‘invitation’ I had no idea where anyone was. Only that you, Daisy and your father went into hiding.”

“Ah, yes, Merrill. I remember her. She’s who got me interested in the Dalish. Much to Father’s chagrin.”

Varric laughed. “Anyway, I restarted my telling, gave her the whole story. But I tell you what, Small Fry, I’ll save you a few things that I’m sure you’ve already been told. Rumor has it, you and the Seeker…”

“Have met and had dealings, yes. Very well Uncle, tell me what you deem important.”


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