Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

This photo wasn’t my first choice but for some reason I couldn’t upload it. This one is from Bioware, which I’m sure the other one is too, but it’s not showing.

Once again, most of this is game play and cut scenes, with a little bit from me.

One Possible Beginning

The Darkspawn were everywhere, but it was a Blight so that was to be expected. They brought with them death and destruction, killing indiscriminately and burning everything they touched; they left nothing unmarked. Shrieks and Genlock rogues were normally sent out before the bulk of the Horde in order to pick off stragglers and do reconnaissance.

It was fatal to think of these creatures as simple-minded monsters.

Although superior ambushers, this small group found something, but that something wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

With the ruins of Lothering still visibly smoldering in the distance behind them, the Champion, a master Elemental Mage, and his brother, a Warmonger supreme, stood side by side and engaged the enemy – one casting the other slashing with a two-handed great-sword. Both were skilled strategists and experienced in battles. These monsters didn’t stand a chance.

Grim determination burned brightly in the Champion’s eyes as he manipulated the arcane energies through his staff. He watched as the monsters before him frozen in place, only to be cut down by the blade of his brother. Shattered pieces of frozen, black flesh littered the ground here and there in small piles.

The next second, fire burned brightly in his palms before balls hurled at other Darkspawn unfortunate enough to wander close.

They moved with precision, the Champion and his brother, eyes sharp as they felled the growling creatures before them.

When the last of the ‘spawn fell, the Champion’s brother walked over to, knelt down next to and examined it.

“Scouts. We will have to fight them sooner or later.” He looked up at the Champion.

The Champion looked down at it, then to his brother and then raised his eyes and looked out past him into the horizon. “Then we make our stand here. Prepare yourself.”

Between the rock and rubble that littered the back roads out of Lothering, another wave appeared: teeth gnashing and black weapons itching to add the men to their long list of victims. There were more ‘spawn than the last time, but it didn’t matter. The brothers’ movements were fluid – every hit critically wounded, every spell connected. They were a deadly combination.

But alas, as good as they were, they were still only human.

“We can’t keep this up forever.” the brother breathed as the monster he just beheaded fell to the ground.

The Champion, who had been casting spells and attacking other Darkspawn with his staff, looked back at him. “At worse, we’ll take the bastards down with us, but we’ll make it through this- together.” Although he sounded less winded than his brother, fatigue showed on his face.

They drew closer together and turned at the noise of another approaching wave.

“Here they come.” the brother said. “Shall I deal them a taste of my blade?” His eyes burned brightly as he held his two-handed great sword at the ready.

The Champion looked at him. “All yours, Brother.”

The brother’s blade flew again as he charged the group, taking down monster after monster. The Champion’s spells went through those that the brother missed. Although there are benefits to keeping out of the direct line of attack, the Champion did is best to remain at his brother’s side.

Soon they were surrounded but they kept battling as the circle grew smaller and smaller.

Blood and corpses surrounded them also, but before they could take a breath they heard a sound like boulders crashing down in the distance. The ground shook and they felt shock waves beath through them as they turned their eyes towards a slope where the bulk of the ‘spawn came from. After a moment, the source of the noise and vibrations came into view.

A great ogre.

It ran up to them, stopped, slammed its fists into the ground and roared loudly; a sign of aggression and intimidation. Then it stood and stared them down.

Ice formed on the Champion’s hands as he started casting his ice spells. The brother readied his great sword. When the beast made ready to charge it was stopped dead in its tracks.

It took both brothers a bit but they finally managed to bring the creature down; and it was a spectacular sight. The Champion blasted the beast with ice while the brother ran up to and shoved his weapon into it. He held on as the Champion unleashed a maelstrom of lightning that ultimately blew the creature up.

Unfortunately more ‘spawn arrived. They were surrounded again.

“There’s no end to them…” the brother groaned through heavy gasps. They stood back to back as they pondered their fate in the faces of the growling monstrosities.

Suddenly, another grumbling sound was heard and again the ground shook. They looked around and so did the Darkspawn.

All eyes went up the mountainside. Standing there, or sitting there, depending on your view, its wings folded about itself, was a giant red dragon!

As they continued watching, it spread its wings and bellowed a roar that shook them all to the core.

The ‘spawn retreated slightly, the brothers however stayed their ground but never took their eyes off it.

The dragon jumped up off its perch, flapped its wings and promptly flew down at them spewing fiery death in its wake…


“Bullshit!” the Seeker exclaimed, ending Varric’s story and bringing him back to now. “That’s not what really happened!”


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