Short Stories: Savior

It gets hard finding just the right picture to go with the story, especially when you suck at drawing, which I do. The picture I’m using is actually one of Persephone and Hades, but it’s about as close to what I want as I’m going to get at the moment, based on the story.

You’ll also notice a slightly break. Please don’t panic, I meant to do it this way.

I’m happy that a few of you have taken quite an interest in this. Please remember this is fiction. There are certain things that I’m using as a base (Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer), but otherwise, it’s just something that comes to mind.

Thanks to another blogger I’ve gotten inspired to tweak the story slightly, but it’s not deviating from what I originally wanted.

I hope you enjoy it! Thank you!


“He’s going to fail, you know that.” The voice softly said. There was no malice in it, no indication of evil whatsoever.

Karen was sitting on a boulder, knees bent, and legs drawn up and hugged tightly to her chest by her arms. Her hands were clasped tightly together and her chin rested on her knees when the voice came to her. Although she wasn’t expecting it, the sound didn’t surprise her; at least not outwardly. She was staring out into the distance, more or less the direction she figured Zhovaer went.

Without looking over she responded emotionlessly. “You don’t know that.”

“So you know he’s going to succeed.” The voice continued, this time with a hint of humor in it.

“I don’t. And neither do you.”

She didn’t blink when a figure walked in front of her. It stood for a moment without looking or facing her, then moved to her left and leaned against the boulder. After a moment, he turned and faced her.

“And if he succeeds, what will you do then?”

“What I’ve always done. Go on until I come to the next. Just like you.”

“You’re always following me.” She smiled, but remained still and silent. “Did you tell him anything?”

She finally moved her eyes and then turned her head to look over at the man. “About who he is? No, not yet, Konnor.”

Konnor raised an eyebrow but said nothing for a moment. “I hate that name.” He sighed.

She shrugged awkwardly as she studied him.

He was almost her opposite: cold grey eyes stared into her warm hazel ones. His six-foot-three thin frame continued leaning against the boulder close to her left foot. Muscular arms poke out from a sleeveless, baggy, black shirt. Right now it appeared he had decided to keep his dark hair back with some sunglasses.

They were night and day and at times it bugged him. She could be as emotional as he felt, why did she choose to be so calm? Absently he started tapping her foot. “Why not?”

She lowered her eyes and watched his movements. If his intention was to bother her as much as her inactions were frustrating him, she didn’t show it. “You know why not. The process dictates he has to remember on his own. He has to find himself first; he can’t be influenced or distracted. Otherwise…”

He grinned. “And here I thought you were going to say because you couldn’t remember.”

Karen dismissed his comment. “I was about to ask the same of you. He saw you, why didn’t you approach him?”

For a moment he recalled seeing Zhovaer hovering over Karen about to strike her. A fire flashed through his eyes remembering how it took everything in him to stay put and not only because of the man’s action. “He did huh? I couldn’t tell. Did he ask?”

Karen didn’t miss the emotion. “He did.”

“What did you tell him? When you were capable of breathing again that is.”

“You’re changing the subject. Why…?”

“Because they were still too close. They wouldn’t have let me. You know that.”

“I know they would have talked to you.”

“While I slept. Not much of a conversation.”

“I’m not sure it works the same way with you or like that all the time. Anyway, it’s not their job to converse with us. We’re not…”

“Bullshit!” He pushed himself off the boulder, his eyes burning. “We’re not worthy? You might buy that, but I don’t! I won’t anymore.” Konnor pushed his clenched fists into his jeans’ pockets.

“I wasn’t going to say that.”

“But it’s what you believe.”

“No. It’s what you’ve been taught that I believe.”

“This coming from the bottom of The Hierarchy.”

“The Hierarchy wasn’t created for importance, but for job. We each have our specialty and all do God’s bidding: me, Gabriel, Zhovaer; even you.”

“We’re at the bottom of the food chain, sister dear.”

She chuckled and thought how apropos. “I don’t consider myself any less than the Arch Angels or more than the Terrans. I was created to help. Just like you, ‘dear brother’”

Konnor grimaced. “We’re not even related.”

She shook her head as best she could because her chin was still resting on her knees. “You can’t change what you are, Konnor. And neither can he, no matter how much you want to believe him or how many times he tells you he can.”

“So you’re content with staying lowly for the rest of eternity.”

“You are lowly and by choice I might add.”

“And you are forgotten.”

“I am forgotten by design.”

“Same difference. We’re two sides of it.”

“We are but you don’t even remember what it means.”

“It means you’re never appreciated.”


He grinned. It was seldom he got under her skin. “A bit touchy there? I know … but it’s not like you’re happy about it.”

“What I am and feel isn’t important. I know my purpose, even if I don’t remember it. You deny it, doesn’t change anything.”

“So what are you going to do now?”


“And then?”

“Try to get him to realize things before you try talking to him. Or try to get him to believe the truth before you try to get to him.”

Konnor reached over and softly touched her cheek. “Why? Why do you do this? Why do you care?”

She smiled and sat up, moving away from his hand. Her eyes shone with brilliance which couldn’t be distinguished between happiness and love. “Because it’s what I am and what I do. Whether he believes me or remembers I need to move on to the next Savior.”

He lowered his hand when she moved, frowned and then crossed his arms over his chest. “I can’t believe he’s a Savior. He doesn’t seem right.”

“What do you expect? He’s been here for a long time. Things are bound to rub off on him.”

“And then what. You help him, get him to remember and to continue, then you leave and he goes back to doing his ‘job’.” Konnor raised his hands and moved two fingers to emphasize the word. “He’ll forget you.”

“Precisely. That’s why I am one of the Forgotten. I’m here only as a guide, not for commendation.”

“You could be more.”


“I’m not trying to tempt you.”

“I know, but I chose to do this, to be this. Just like you chose…”

“Stop!” He raised his hand and turned his back on her. She watched him walk away a few steps and stop.

“Your action doesn’t change…”

“So, you’re going to stop me when he returns? If he returns.”

She sighed. “Of course not.”

“Because he has a choice.”

“We all do. You just refuse to believe it.”

“I’ll be back then.” He started walking away again.

“I’ll be here when you return.”

“That my dear, is my only hope.”


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