Short Stories: Savior

I want to apologize to everyone in advance. The picture I’m using here is nowhere near what I pictured for this episode. My original thought was one of a person lying on the ground with another person trying to tend to them and a third person in the distance looking on.

Apparently Google doesn’t like that much information when you do an image search. Go figure.

The image I’m using here is called Beyond The Horizon by agnidevi. I found it using a search with anime, since I’m a fan.

Oh, one more thing. I sometimes get asked how I come up with my less conventional names. Like I mentioned before, this story was inspired by a number of rock bands I listen to. The name, if you can figure it out, is a combination of parts of the first names of the band members.

Anyway, I’m hoping it ties in with the story.



Karen awoke feeling somewhat refreshed all things considered. She knew she had a conversation with Gabriel because she could still remember the feelings her dream brought. Funny as that may sound it was her main comfort down here.

He was proud of her, she had rescued another person, but it wasn’t just any person – she had rescued a Savior. It felt good to know she was able to perform the job she was created for. The conversation faded there, but that wasn’t unusual. She wouldn’t have remembered it at the moment if she wanted to. Most people’s memories were wiped when they arrived. It was a guarantee of control. Only certain things, certain emotions, remained. Mainly guilt, shame, and most of the sins – that was how Lucifer was able to keep people here. It was why the Saviors were created. Their memories were harder to destroy, but not impossible. When that happened, the Forgotten were called upon.

Karen straightened up and stretched, letting her back pop from having leaned against the boulder too long. She yawned and looked around at her surroundings, making sure nothing really had changed and that she had her bearings before she went to her next destination. That’s when she saw him, lying there. Warm, hazel eyes narrowed, not with fear or apprehension, but curiosity and to try getting a better view.

He was lying on the ground by the other boulder, one knee bent and the opposite toned arm covering his eyes. He would occasionally clench and relax his fist, but otherwise was quiet and still. She quietly walked over to and knelt beside him then watched him sleep … or rather she watched him dream. She wondered what he was doing in his dream, seeing that his breathing was very irregular. She so desperately wanted to know, to be a part of what he needed to do, but sometimes it was dangerous to wake people.

Hands lying flat on her thighs, she looked away from him and down the road to the left. The memory of Gabriel giving her the next destination to go, and telling her to trust this guy came to her. She trusted Gabriel but she wished he would have warned her that she would be instructing. He looked familiar but she didn’t know from where and she wondered when Gabriel brought him to her.

“Don’t worry and don’t fear him.” She remembered Gabriel telling her. “He’ll take care of you. He’s a bit rough around the edges but he’s otherwise harmless.”

Well, ok. If Gabriel didn’t see anything wrong…

Taking a deep breath, she reached out and gently put her hand over his chest. “Wakey, wakey, shaky, sha-….”

Her words, and what would have been a frightened whimper, were cut off when he suddenly grabbed her wrist, twisted it and pushed her hard onto the ground. Then as if the wind wasn’t already knocked out of her, she was further cut off when he hit her across the chest with his arm. He rolled over and bracing himself on one knee, held her down with one hand and the other knee while his clenched fist hovered over her ready to strike. Through hazy, pain filled eyes, she thought she saw a red aura surrounding him and wondered if Gabriel finally got one wrong.

His body shuddered from the rage going through it, but a movement down the path took his focus away from Karen. When he looked, he thought he saw someone standing and watching him, watching them actually. The person then turned and walked away. He looked back at Karen only when she touched his hand.

“Holy … shit! Karen I … fuck I’m sorry.” He helped her sit up and took a step back, hoping he hadn’t seriously hurt her. She put one hand to her chest and the other to the back of her head. “Damn it!” he moved quickly back to and knelt beside her when he saw her reach behind her. “Sorry, I’m so sorry.” He then added when she flinched. “Oh my god, you’re … not bleeding are you?”

“I’m ok Zhovaer, really.” She said quietly, a little hoarse from being slammed on the ground.

‘Zhovaer?’ he wondered as he examined the back of her head. “Fuck! So much for Gabriel’s trust.”

“You were dreaming?”

“Are you kidding me? I nearly kill you and you wonder if I was fucking dreaming?” He sat back not finding any blood or visible damage. “Does that pack have anything for pain?”

“I’m fine. Really. Remember, we’re dead. There is no pain except for what we hold on to.”

“But you … your eyes…”

“You caught me by surprise, of course I’m going to slip. I’m not perfect.” She smiled warmly at him.


“It what keeps coming to my mind when I look at you. I know I can’t pronounce it correctly. Look, that’s not important. Were you dreaming?”

He looked down at the path and tried to think. “I … yeah … I think I was.”

“Do you remember anything?”

Unbelievable. “It was like I was in a war movie … like … Vietnam or something.” He ran his hand through his hair and then glanced over at her. “Are you sure …?”

She laughed. He frowned.

“I’m being serious!”

“Look, our next stop is right around the corner. Although I appreciate your concern, I’m not what’s important here. You were the one the hints came to, so you’re going to be the main help for the next … mission.”

He sighed deeply and ran a hand through his hair. He didn’t like this. “Ok.”

“It means you’re going to have to remember where we are, what you are and why we’re going where we’re going.”

“Right around the corner. You mean towards that guy?”

“What guy?”

He pointed in the direction they were planning on going but his eyes remained on her, focusing on any movement that would indicate she wasn’t telling him the entire truth about her condition. “When I almost killed … when you were on the ground, I saw this guy standing over there, just watching.”

She pressed her lips together and looked in the direction he pointed but otherwise said nothing.

“You know him?”

“Yeah. He’s my t- … my demon.”

He narrowed his eyes a little, catching her slip. “Your demon?”

“Long story. Look, we have to get you ready for this.”

“No. No this is too much too fast.” He turned away from her.

“Can’t be helped. We’re in Hell and there’s a soul here who shouldn’t be. You have to help him realize that he’s not evil, that he needs to let go of all the negative and that he doesn’t really belong here.” Karen got to her knees and moved over to him, then took his hand in hers.

“Is that what you did for me?” Zhovaer blinked and looked down at her hands.

“Yes. Well, pretty much.”

“Were you prepared?”

“Not even close.”

“Did you feel like this before you got me?”

“I was scared. I didn’t want to screw up and lose you.”

His eyes were brilliant as he looked up at her, smiled and squeezed her hands. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now come on. We need to get you focused.”


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6 thoughts on “Short Stories: Savior

  1. I really like this story. I love how you play with heaven and hell, and i love the plot idea with the saviors. Your imagination is great. will you introduce other angels like Michael or Azazel, will you add demons like Beelzebub or Astaroth.

    Liked by 1 person

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