Short Stories: Savior

The image I used for this section of my story is from Susan Richter’s Pinterest. Funny thing is that when I describe them, I never saw this picture – so I’m slightly amazed at the similarities. The actual inspiration for them are Kevin Durand and Tilda Swinton, who actually both played the Arch Angel Gabriel at one point in their mutual careers.

The similarities I speak of you’ll see as you read the story.

I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for reading!


Bright, clear eyes moved between the sleeping woman across from him and the stick he was using to draw in the dirt. Everything that he could remember happening since this morning played in his mind. For a moment, he was sure that there was something missing about his hands, but the thought flew at the edge of his mind like a butterfly that he couldn’t catch.

He sighed, maybe it wasn’t even this morning. His watch wasn’t working so he couldn’t tell the time or date, his phone wasn’t working, and there wasn’t much else in his backpack except a change of clothes and what may be more food.

And then there were her reactions to the things he said. He really didn’t know her that well but she seemed sadder every time he mentioned things that happened back where he met her. It felt like he was missing something and he wished, not for the last time, that she would just up and tell him what it was she knew.

“Well, what do we do now, Karen?” He said softly, hoping actually that he wouldn’t wake her. Not sure whether he wanted to continue or leave, he started drawing on the ground again.

“You can go with us back up to Heaven, or you can stay here, with or without her. Mainly without. The choice is yours. The choice has always been yours.”

“…the fuck?” He tightened his hold on the stick, stood holding it like a weapon and looked around for the sound of the voice.

There, crouching on the other nearby boulder and facing him, was a man the likes of which he had never seen before. Short black hair, almost a military cut (meaning it was really short in the back although it was a bit longer up front), slate grey eyes that seemed as hard as metal, and pale skin. He had a sharp chin that was covered in stubble going up the sides, and he didn’t smile. In fact, he didn’t seem to emit any emotion whatsoever. He was dressed completely in black and appeared to be wearing a long trench coat.

The man didn’t consider himself gay or bi that he was aware of, and he would admit when he thought a guy was looking pretty good; but this man before him, made his jaw drop. “Who…?”

“Relax, we’re not your enemy.”

“You can even return to Earth if you wanted to, although that might take a little bit longer.” Another voice added.

The man spun around to see another person sitting next to Karen. This person was lighter in complexion than the one on top of the boulder, if that were possible, and had more of a pixie style face. Blonde hair – also short in the back but longer up front than the brunette – fell over blue-grey sparkling eyes. He wore a white tank top and khaki pants, although he couldn’t actually determine whether this one was male or female.

“Gabriel is neither; as a matter of fact, neither am I.” The first person said.

The fact the first person knew what his thoughts were didn’t escape him, but right now that could only mean one thing. “Michael.” The man said turning back to the Arch Angel on the boulder.

“At your service.” Although it didn’t sound warm, it was sincere. Michael bowed his head slightly.

“So, you’re Gabriel.” He didn’t acknowledge Michael’s words, but turned and pointed to the person who was now leaning a head on Karen’s shoulder.

“I am, as you know me. But those aren’t our names.” Gabriel responded.

“Her kind was never really able to pronounce them, so we gave up and got used to people calling us whatever they wanted. Michael and Gabriel are just the latest names we go by.” Michael added.

The man backed up a couple of steps, but stayed on the path – especially when he saw Michael flinch. “She mentioned you two.”

“I’m sure she mentioned Gabriel more than me.”

Gabriel smiled but didn’t move.

“You’re here … to take me away?”

“Ha ha.” Gabriel whispered.

“Honestly, your fascination with them is disturbing.” Michael chastised Gabriel.

Gabriel shrugged, which caused Karen to murmur and move.

“If I go with you guys, what happens to her?” The man asked turning to Michael.

“She goes back to what she’s been doing … minus her memory of you.”

“What she’s … so I’m not the first?”

“Ha!” Michael exclaimed as he jumped down from atop of the boulder. “Not by a long shot.” He looked like he was about to say something else, but stopped.

“Minus her memory.” Gabriel reiterated, shaking his head at Michael.

“Minus … hey … how long …?” He had turned only his head towards Gabriel when he spoke, but directed his question to Michael.

“I’m sorry. Right now we’re just here for two reasons. Neither of which is explain anything to you.” Michael turned his back on him and looked up the right bound path that sloped up. “Do you want to leave or stay?”

“And the second?”

Without turning, Michael pointed a thumb behind him. The man turned and looked over to see Gabriel whispering something to Karen, who was still asleep.

“Letting her know where to go next.”

“And I can go with her?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Do I help her?”

“Again …”

“If that’s what I want. That’s not a lot of help.”

Michael turned his head slightly to the side and looked at the man out of the corner of eye for a moment. He then shrugged and started walking away.

Gabriel stood, walked over to the man and put a hand on his shoulder. The man looked down at the hand then up at the Arch Angel. For a moment he felt spellbound and almost honored at being noticed.

“He’s never been too fond of her kind. Not like I am.” Gabriel turned and looked back at Karen. “I named her, he doesn’t care. I help her, he doesn’t care.” The Arch Angel turned back to the man. “You leave with us, or you stay, he doesn’t care.”

“…doesn’t care.” The man said at the same time. “I get it. Is there anything he does care about?”

Gabriel moved to respond but the man cut him off.

“So I stay, help her for a little bit. Find out why I’m here? I get Michael won’t care, will you?”

Gabriel looked into his eyes. “I’ll worry, I always have. But I trust you’d keep yourself and her safe, for the most part.” He blinked then dropped his hand and started walking away, in the direction Michael took. Michael, by this time, was nowhere to be seen.

“That’s it?”

“Free will’s a bitch isn’t it?”

“Now what?”

“We’ll be back. We aren’t extremely far, but we can’t stay here too long. She’ll know what to do. Trust her, I do.”

The man blinked and Gabriel was gone.


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