Fan Fiction: Dragon Age II

Before I start my next blog, I wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due.

As you may have guessed, these photos aren’t mine. The majority, if not all, are taken from the Dragon Age Wiki pages. Also, some are screen shots from the actual game.

With one exception, the characters I’m writing about are also not mine.

The Waters of the Past

The first thing he saw when he entered the docks area and walked down the stone stairs was the very large building that looked like a tower before him, but still a ways off. His eyes went wide with concern; it was nearly pitch-black out tonight, why was he able to see across the way so clearly as though it was daytime?

He closed his eyes and shook his head to clear it. When they reopened, the area was of course shrouded in darkness. Small Fry scolded himself – he knew better than that so why did he not recognize the Circle Tower in the Gallows across the way?

He stopped and stared in the direction of the ominous building for a moment, trying to recapture the feelings he had when he first entered. Was he reliving her memory?

Despite the fact that the building had its own torches on and around its structure, in the faded midnight lights of the rain-slick street lamps the steps was the only thing visible.

He frowned and shook his head again as another memory crept before his eyes. In his mind, he heard her voice saying how much she had wanted to see the water. He trembled momentarily as he felt her innocence engulf him, but after a couple of deep breaths, that disappeared.

Small Fry blinked quickly and looked around. Although he treasured his parents’ memories and the lessons that often came with them, he knew he had to be careful of his surroundings.

The Qunari Compound – the walled off section in the center of the docks – was still there, still desolate, still sealed off and still abandoned. He stopped and stared in that direction; it didn’t really surprise him at all that it remained – a testament to everything wrong with the city.

The thought hit him as he passed the compound and he had to stop and steady himself. ‘Could she have taken refuge with the Qunari?’ He shook his head; the thought wasn’t his, but it was one that held so much emotion to it that it homed in on the elf. Normally he would have been able to dismiss things like this, but it came to him because of her and that could lead to some of the truth he was looking for.

He let it continue, though cautiously as the source had been chaotic: she didn’t seem the type who believed as the Qunari did. Plus they would consider her a mage – and they did horrible things to their mages.

The elf shivered and drew his cloak tighter against his body. The thought wasn’t hers; it wasn’t even his father’s. It belonged to the other person who had a profound connection to her – and the reason why things were currently the way they were. He had to hurry.

There were very few residential units in the docks and although he had been taken through the area a few times, it didn’t help that he wasn’t sure where they were. For some reason, the docks seemed a different area during the day. Another thing she had told him – and further reason to be cautious.

He would occasionally glance at the paper Varric gave him and appeared to walk around aimlessly and hopelessly, but he knew it was just assurance that he wasn’t followed. Few knew who he was, what he was, but he was thankful Varric never took chances. So it was that almost an hour after he entered the area, he leaned his back against a wall, clenched his fist and slammed it hard. For a moment, another rush of emotions filled him and he blinked back tears. How could anyone survive with this amount of emotion swirling within?

“Well, you finally made it.” a hoarse voice whispered.

Small Fry rolled first his head, then his body to the side towards the voice and saw Varric standing in the doorway. Slipping in, he saw a sight that hadn’t been seen for a long time and pulling his hood off his head now understood – echoes of the past still lingered here, feelings and emotions that were deemed too dangerous.

She had been here once.

It had never been a large house. There was a small doorframe opposite the front door – this is where the kitchen and bedroom were located. Closer to the front door were a table and two chairs; Varric had placed a lantern and some food and drink items on the table when he arrived. He sat and motioned Small Fry to join him.

Taking a deep breath, the elf stiffly walked towards the dwarf, sat and then realized how hungry he was as he looked at the food laid out before them.

“How much do you know or think you know?” Varric asked as he leaned an elbow against the table and stared firmly at Small Fry. “How much have you heard? And how much are you willing to give up for the actual truth?”

Varric sat back and continued as he watched the elf eat. “Your ability, what you gained from her, allowed you to travel through what others still think is impossible.”

“And what I gained from my father allowed me to survive it all.”

“But at what cost?”

“That, Uncle, is why I’m here. It’s why I need to hear what really happened.”

“You know, that’s exactly what the Seeker requested of me.”

“But you weren’t protecting Cassandra, were you?”

Varric laughed. “You know her better than I, but I’ve a feeling she’s able to protect herself, you, me and a host of others.”

Small Fry smirked. “Seeker Pentaghast is quite capable of many things.”


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