Opinion of the Day: 17 May 2015

The following are my own personal thoughts and opinions. They aren’t right or wrong – opinions aren’t. When they’re accompanied by facts then they’re right or wrong.

I respect others’ opinions regarding things, even my own work. I don’t mind being critiqued, in fact I encourage it because I like to learn things. I don’t mind being proven wrong. But what I don’t like is people just stating “your stupid” as opinion. Yes, I misspelled that on purpose because that’s how people seem to like writing these days.

If I see something like that, I reserve the right to delete it.

You have the right to post what you like, but you’re going to take the consequences associated with it.

That being said, here’s this week’s posting:

Well, I wanted this post to be an Opinion Post, because I, like everyone else, am very opinionated. But what to write?

Or, rather, I should ask ‘What do I write that won’t get me into tremendous trouble or have my newly created account banned for life?’

  •  Do I talk about my belief that our government isn’t run by the three branches anymore and hasn’t been for decades?
  •  Do I talk about the fact that our president is about as powerful as the royals of England?
  •  Do I talk about how bad social media has become?
  •  What about media as a whole?
  •  The corruption of wealth…
  •  The abuse of power…
  •  Then there’s technology – how it’s affecting our lives.
  •  Or how it’s slowly destroying us.

Don’t get started on religion – not just yet at any rate. That is a tremendously large and volatile topic. Worse than politics.

Reality television and the drama created by their exploited lives.

So many topics to choose from. So many different opinions for each one.  Why, you could even have an opinion on how people express their opinions. Funny.  So, do I start small and work my way up?

Or maybe will just listing things like this open eyes and minds?

And what about the stuff that’s out there that people don’t want to talk about? Like extraterrestrials, paranormal, conspiracy theories, the future.

So I’m sitting here still trying to think of stuff to write today, opinion-related stuff, and my cat, Susie, is sitting over to my left watching me. She’s upset because although I fed her, she doesn’t like the food and wants me to feed her something else.

I tell her that I’m not wasting food.  And she’s looking over my shoulder. At whatever happens to be standing behind me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not extremely superstitious. But I do believe in the paranormal and I believe animals have the ability to see things we can’t.  I won’t go into detail that a long time ago I asked that I not be able to see them.

Don’t stop writing

Don’t stop reading

Don’t stop thinking

Don’t stop believing.



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