Before I start

Good morning!

It is a beautiful day here in Northern Indiana. Party cloudy and 64°. I was just commenting on how nice small town life is.

Before I start, I wanted to say a few things.

Regarding my fan-fiction stories. I don’t take any credit for the plot line. The stories come from my experience with and imagination/dreams because I interacted with the game I played. In fact, my first fan-fiction story revolves around Dragon Age II – the last/latest game I played.

The characters are true to form according to the game and to how the developers have defined them and the world. Ninety-five percent of the credit I give to Electronic Arts (EA). Only my character and what she does is my own.

With that, I will let you know that EA at any time may tell me to pull the plug on my stories. This is fine. I have the original and will either keep that with me or if they allow it, post it to their own forum.

All these stories will have a disclaimer before the story and I will have “Fan-Fiction:” in the blog title.

Regarding my own stories. These are mine, completely. If I was inspired by someone or something I will let you know prior to the story.

Unlike my other works, these will not be in order. I will, though let you know which ones they are by the title.

I’m currently working on two of them. I have more, but they’re currently stored on discs and they’re in the garage in boxes that are a little hard to get to at the moment.

Regarding views. My views are based on my own experience and knowledge. I don’t claim to know everything and I enjoy learning. I am open minded about some things, some things I’m rigid – which doesn’t mean I won’t listen to or respect your own views, I just won’t change mine.

You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Therefore I expect you to respect my opinion. I don’t mind if you tell me politely that I’m wrong and show me proof that I am. However, I won’t keep replies that merely say “you’re stupid” however you decide to spell it or use “colorful metaphors”.

You do have the right to respond however you want to. But with this right comes the responsibility of accepting the consequences.

Those things being said, I will add this disclaimer to my postings.

Aside from that, I hope that you enjoy what I post. I hope with time to become better at this.

Thank you!


ps: I wanted to put a “Featured Image” on this but I’m currently at the library and don’t think I have the authority to download images, but if you get the chance and I’m not able to edit this, the picture I thought of using is at:


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